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Desktop-Apps for Windows and Mac

2 min read  •  March 26, 2018
The last weeks and months at Stackfield were all about apps! It started with the desktop app for Windows, which can now also be downloaded for Mac on the following page:

What features does the desktop app provide?

Local editing of files

Working with files is fundamentally changing with desktop apps. While these have to be manually downloaded and opened in the browser version, with the desktop apps, this can be done with one click. Clicking on the "Edit Locally" button below an Office or Text file downloads it and automatically opens it in the default editing software of your device.

As soon as a file is being edited locally, the file will be marked accordingly on Stackfield and locked for the other room participants. The file can not be edited locally by other users, but they can send a request to cancel the local work if the file itself is needed for editing.

Once the file has been edited and saved, Stackfield will allow you to select "Upload New Version" after clicking the "Locally in Work" button. The new version of the file is then automatically uploaded in the background - no further steps are necessary. Via the button "Locally in Work" a file can also be displayed within the local Explorer / Finder or opened again.


By installing the desktop apps, they can be set as programs that automatically start when the computer starts up. As a result, you no longer have to manually open Stackfield in the browser, which sometimes is easy to forget.


Another advantage of the desktop apps is the notifications. Stackfield no longer has to be in the background and opened within a browser to receive notifications - because of being a dedicated app, it simply has to be started and notifications are sent to a corner of the screen if Stackfield is not in focus.

With the Mac version, the notifications are directly sent to the Notification Center and thus can also temporarily be muted by selecting the option "Do Not Disturb".

Can I also use the desktop apps with the on-premise version of Stackfield?

Yes, this is possible! All you have to do is call up the app's connection settings and enter the desired URL of your on-premise version:

How are updates carried out?

Once a new version of the app is available, it will be downloaded and automatically installed when the app starts. Alternatively, you can manually search for updates by selecting the menu item "Help" and then "Check for updates ...".

If you are experiencing any errors while using the desktop apps, we would be happy if you send them to

We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the desktop apps!

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