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FB@Work - We don't fear Facebook

2 min read  •  July 14, 2014

Since a few weeks rumor has it that Facebook is developing a new business platform called FB@Work. So far, however, nobody really knows which specific range of functions this platform will offer. Various speculations assume that, on one hand, it could be a platform similar to LinkedIn, while on the other hand a social collaboration platform is anticipated – and our name is often brought into play.

Almost all of our employees have been asked about FB@Work over the past few weeks and they expressed their opinion. Everybody was surprisingly united in a single voice: Stackfield has no reason to fear a rival from Facebook.

But why is that so? We have put together some reasons for which Stackfield does not fear competition from Facebook, starting from the assumption that in fact a social collaboration platform is being developed:

1) According to the rumors it will be easy to switch between private and business FB

This is actually exactly what most employers don’t want. A social collaboration platform should simplify work and make it more efficient – but should definitely not bring the employee into temptation to spend time elsewhere.

2) FB@Work will most likely not be encrypted

Communication in enterprises is a critical point. Firstly, it should run easily, while secondly it should be safe. The former is implemented nicely by Facebook, the latter not. For private use it is usually not of great significance if Facebook knows with whom you are communicating and especially what your messages contain. For companies, however, this is inconceivable. Saving unencrypted data on servers of a company well known for using the data of its users is a really critical setback. Just Stackfield, and no other collaboration platform, provides the needed end-to-end encryption to secure all relevant data. Therefore nobody, even we as platform provider, knows what is on our servers.

3) Facebook is a US company and thus within the influence of the NSA

US companies are obliged by law to publish customer data if these are relevant for the NSA or similar authorities. This will also be the case with business customers. As mentioned before, it is fairly easy to read and use data that is not encrypted.

4) Have you ever tried to contact the support of Facebook?

We did. If you manage to find the correct form that can be filled in and that doesn’t lead you to the next help site, on any of the many help sites you should be glad to receive an answer within the next few days. We at Stackfield, however, follow a different vision. Our product is designed for the customers as they have to work with it. For this reason you can easily click on the button “Have a question?”, which will open the Support Stack where you can quickly ask your question.

5) We have a vision

Ultimately, it also depends on what drives us. We want to simplify work / collaboration and offer companies, employees, freelancers and also private persons the possibility to communicate /network safely. For Facebook it’s more about gaining market share to increase the value of the company. For this reason there was always competition from Facebook for a lot of companies. Some examples: Messenger vs. WhatsApp, Camera vs. Instagram, Snapchat vs. Slingshot, etc. (They bought almost all of them)

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Christopher Diesing
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Christopher Diesing is the COO of Stackfield. He loves all kinds of marketing, product design as well as photography.
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