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Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

2 min read  •  April 09, 2018
It's finally happening - with the positive result of the review by Apple last Friday, our mobile apps are now complete and available in the respective stores. The following buttons will take you to the App Stores:

What features does the desktop app provide?

The mobile apps display all relevant information of the rooms on Stackfield and also offer the opportunity to edit them. Only the user rights, the organization settings and the creation of filters must be done on a desktop computer. In addition, the mobile apps offer the following functions:


A big advantage of mobile apps is, of course, that you are always informed directly by the native notifications when something important happens on Stackfield.

However, to ensure privacy and not to display sensitive information on the smartphone / tablet lock screen, the organization's settings of the desktop version allow you to choose what type of notification should be sent:

  1. No notifications
    No notifications will be sent if there are activities on Stackfield.
  2. Notifications WITHOUT information (Default)
    If something happens on Stackfield, "anonymous"notifications will be sent, which do not contain information about the actual activity.
  3. Notifications WITH information
    The notifications contain information about the activities on Stackfield.

In the case of the latter option, it should be noted that, as already described, information is displayed on the lock screen of the devices and, as a result, important data, etc. can be read off.

Filter options in rooms

A special feature is hidden behind the "Add" button within the modules in each room: if pressed for more than half a second, the selection for the search function and, secondly, the standard filters stored in the room appear. We will expand the selection options available here step by step in the future.

Registering a new account without an invitation on iOS

Due to the very strict Review Guidelines of the Apple Store with regard to "paid" apps, we are unfortunately unable to offer registrations within the iOS app for testers and new customers. For this reason, new accounts must be created directly through our website (

How do you use the apps with the self-hosted variant of Stackfield?

All on-premise customers will soon receive an update that not only integrates new features, but also enables the use with desktop and mobile apps. As soon as this update is available, we will contact the respective contact person directly! New customers are already receiving the latest version with the support of the apps.

If there are any errors while using the mobile apps, we would be happy if you send them to

Finally, we would like to thank our beta testers, who have supported us in a great way in developing the apps - without you, such a short beta phase would not have been possible!

As always we look forward to your feedback and wish you lots of fun with the mobile apps!

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