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Thanks for 2013. Hello 2014!

1 min read  •  December 30, 2013

The year 2013 has been really exciting for stackfield. While a certain Edward Snowden caused worldwide disturbance with his revelations, Stackfield made it’s first steps to the market. NSA affair, PRISM, Merkelphone - this list could be extended indefinitely. These developments show, however, that our thoughts and efforts about privacy in the past few weeks, months and years had some purpose and we are on the right track. Additionally these developments didn’t cause us any harm – quite the reverse: There has been a huge feedback, from Newspapers and Blogs through to Television Broadcasting, about Stackfield and it’s encryption-technology. This helped us to gain even more fans, supporters and clients. To ensure that this goes on we even work over the holidays!

Besides a visual facelift, which will particulary improve the user-friendliness, we are going to introduce Pro-Accounts, Mobile Apps and a lot of useful modules like CRM, staff management, and project management in the course of the next year.

Our biggest goal is still to make Stackfield as usable as possible for everybody and likewise to provide a solution for daily problems regarding collaboration and communication.

To put it briefly: We will work hard to improve further and wish everybody a nice start to the year 2014!

Your Stackfield-Team

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Christopher Diesing
About the Author:
Christopher Diesing is the COO of Stackfield. He loves all kinds of marketing, product design as well as photography.
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