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Hello Box

2 min read  •  March 03, 2015
After the Dropbox integration being available for some time and receiving great feedback we have added a new integration for file management: Box!

What can be done with the Box integration?

The Box integration provides basically the same functions as the Dropbox integration: The integration enables you to share and to integrate individual files from Box in a Stack. A file can, as usual, be embedded by selecting “File” within the menu in the Communications Stream or by clicking on “Add File” within the Files extension. In both places the same drop down menu will be opened in which the available options for the integration of files are displayed. Firstly, the conventional upload of a file which is stored on your computer, or alternatively, the integration of a file that has been saved in Dropbox or Box.

1. Adding a Box-file within the Communication-Extension
Füge Dropbox-Dateien im Kommunikations-Stream hinzu.
2. Adding a Box-file within the file overview
In der Dateiübersicht können ebenfalls Dateien aus der Dropbox hinzugefügt werden.
3. Adding Box-files to tasks / notes
Auch an bestehende Aufgaben oder Notizen können Dateien angehängt werden.

Files from Dropbox or Box can also be attached to existing tasks or notes. This can be done beneath the description of a task / note by clicking on the button “Add File”.

Im Dialog-Fenster können Dateien ausgewählt werden.

Once “Box” was chosen for adding a file a new pop up will appear that displays all existing files on Box. Here you can select the files individually that you want to integrate in Stackfield. This integration does not stress the available storage space on Stackfield, since only a link to the existing file on box is included.

What are the benefits of the Box integration?

Es kann wie gewohnt auf Dateien kommentiert werden.

Files on Box and Dropbox have been isolated from the actual communication: Annotations and notes to a file had to be exchanged through other communication channels, but it lacked a reference to the actual file. As a result, the comments and information were lost in a short time because they simply disappeared in the daily flood of information. Integrating files on Stackfield therefore has the following advantage: As on every other element you can comment on integrated files or attach them to existing tasks or notes. This ensures that the relevant information is not lost even after a long time, because it is permanently attached to a file. In addition, attaching files to tasks and notes prevents you from interrupting workflows and you don’t have to switch platform for each task or process.

All files are always up to date

Once you change a file on Box it will also be available on Stackfield. Thus your team is always up to date. Everything happens automatically!

The integration of Box is for all users, Basic and Pro, available.

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