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Preview of Stackfield 4

2 min read  •  October 08, 2019

Hello, my name is Cristian Mudure, CEO of Stackfield.

I'm pleased to announce that the biggest update since 2 years will be available soon: the new version of Stackfield will not only come with a new, more intuitive user interface and make many processes easier, it will also include some new features to facilitate team collaboration even further.

Since Stackfield launched the first version in 2013, a number of events have shown us that we have an exciting concept with Stackfield, and that the ongoing development of both the tool and the company itself is going in the right direction. Right from the beginning, we focused specifically on IT security and data privacy. The NSA scandal under Edward Snowden has strongly encouraged us in this, as well as the fact that many large corporations now rely on Stackfield to collaborate compliant according to DSGVO.

In line with this, I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to our loyal users, who entrust us with their most sensitive data on a daily basis, those who continuously support us with new ideas and feedback and especially those who have accompanied us from the very beginning.

Occasionally, Stackfield is compared to sole communication tools, such as Slack or Teams - a comparison that might be obvious at first. However, with extensive functions for task, file, document and appointment management as well as extensive options for assigning user roles and rights, Stackfield is much more than a good way to chat.

This will also be explicitly reflected with the release of Stackfield 4, that is supposed to make collaboration on projects in the team even easier. Our users can look forward to a brand-new interface that greatly improves the user experience. We do not want to reveal too much at this point, but we can guarantee that the long-awaited Gantt charts will be part of our big update. In addition, we had a closer look at many existing functions to improve them with some huge improvements. Incidentally, our enterprise customers can be particularly excited because we have some special features in the pipeline for them.

By the end of the year, the update will be available to all of you. We are working hard on Stackfield 4 and hope you are looking forward to it as much as the entire Stackfield team!

Cristian Mudure, CEO Stackfield.

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Cristian Mudure
About the Author:
Cristian Mudure is the Founder and CEO of Stackfield. He loves digital business models and spends his spare time on the tennis court.
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