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Bye 2022 and hello 2023!

4 min read  •  December 30, 2022

The year 2022 was a year full of ups and downs. The corona pandemic was largely contained and normality has slowly returned to our daily lives, but apart from that the year was marked by unpleasant news – war in Europe, energy and climate crisis, recession. The economy in particular has faced a lot of challenges this year and the current situation is weighing on many. That is why we all hope, of course, that the new year will hold more positive events in store for us.

But before we take a look towards the future, let's look back on the past year at Stackfield and take you on the journey with us. What did we accomplish? What was new? And what new features can you expect in the new year? Find out all about it in this article.

Our year 2022

The tense economic situation and its effects were clearly noticeable for both consumers and many companies. We are therefore all the more pleased that we nevertheless continued to grow and increased our sales by 70 percent compared to the previous year. We are confident that this very good starting position and our sustainable business model will enable us to strengthen our market position even further and to prevail even more against our competitors in the long term.

10 years of Stackfield

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but Stackfield has turned 10 years old – and of course, we celebrated in style. In his anniversary letter, our CEO Cristian Mudure looks back on the last 10 years and all their challenges and successes and provides insights into how Stackfield came to be. All that is left for us to say is: We are proud of ourselves and everything we have accomplished with Stackfield so far. And we are grateful for you – our customers. Because without you and your trust we would not be where we are now and we appreciate that very much. We still have a lot to do and look forward to everything that is yet to come. Thank you for accompanying us on this journey!

Many exciting updates

In the past year, there were of course some exciting updates on Stackfield. Since working from home still plays a very important role and smooth digital communication will continue to be indispensable in the future, optimizing our telephony services was at the top of our agenda. For example, we made performance improvements and introduced the conference chat function. New features, such as the creation of surveys and the option to adjust your own online status are designed to optimize collaboration even further. And we have also made some changes to project planning. With the updates "Automatic Scheduling" and "Critical Path" in the Gantt chart, it is now even easier to plan projects and avoid delays.

Among many other updates and improvements, we are especially proud of our recently launched whiteboards. The new feature opens up many new possibilities and takes team collaboration to a whole new level. Whether you are brainstorming with your colleagues or want to illustrate complex processes – you can now design and visualize your content individually and no longer have to resort to additional tools. We have already received a lot of positive feedback on our whiteboards in the short time since we launched them, and we are delighted that the new feature has gone down so well with you.

Data protection: Stackfield remains at the top

The topic of data protection was again discussed rather frequently in 2022. The use of US tools and the associated data flow between the EU and the US were at the center of attention. Although, after two failed predecessors, a new agreement is to make the data transfer more secure, data protection experts say that the last word is far from being spoken. The use of US tools is therefore still problematic in terms of data protection and a solution is not in sight. For us, this is confirmation that we are going in the right direction. At Stackfield, the focus has always been on data security and compliance with the highest data protection standards, and we will continue to support companies in achieving digital sovereignty so that they are no longer dependent on US services.

And what can you expect in 2023?

We also have many plans and goals for 2023 and are excited about what the new year has in store for us. Our main goal is still to become the market leader for productive collaboration with a focus on data protection and data security in Europe. In order to develop even further in this regard and to open up new areas, we completed the audit for the ISO 27001 certification in December and are planning further certifications in this context, such as BSI C5, ISO/IEC 27017:2015 (information security for cloud services) and ISO 27018:2019 (protection of personal data in cloud services).

And of course, it is especially important to us to provide our customers with the best possible user experience, which is why there will be a number of updates and optimizations in the new year. And since anticipation is half the pleasure, we are already revealing a few updates that we have planned for 2023:

Whiteboards 2.0: In January, there will be an update for our whiteboards with improvements and enhancements, such as the possibility to work with several people on one whiteboard.

Calendar module 2.0: Among other things, the calendar module will be updated and there will be an option to create call logs. This allows conversations to be recorded directly during a conference or the most important points to be noted.

Pages module 2.0: You can also look forward to some optimizations in the pages module.

Deletion rules and simplified compliance management: Depending on the company's guidelines, so-called deletion rules can be used, for example, to automatically delete a task including all file attachments after a deadline has expired. Since personal data that is no longer required must be deleted immediately, this ensures that certain processes are compliant with internal guidelines and, above all, with GDPR requirements.

As you can see, we have a lot planned. With this in mind, we hope that the new year will be a good one and look to the future with optimism. And because it cannot be said often enough, once again: Thank you – for your loyalty, your trust, and great cooperation. We hope you are looking forward to 2023 as much as we are and wish you a happy new year!

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Cristian Mudure
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Cristian Mudure is the Founder and CEO of Stackfield. He loves digital business models and spends his spare time on the tennis court.
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