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✨ Whiteboards are here!

3 min read  •  December 15, 2022

We love updates – and especially our latest update is no exception. We're excited to finally introduce you to our long-awaited new feature: our whiteboards! From now on, you can use the new feature on Stackfield to prepare your content and ideas. The times when you had to use additional tools are finally over. In this article, you'll learn what whiteboards actually are and what you can best use them for.

You can find all the basics on how to use whiteboards in our Learning Center: Working with whiteboards

What are whiteboards?

Whiteboards are a handy feature that takes team collaboration to the next level. You can imagine a whiteboard as a big playground where your team can get creative. It all starts with a white canvas that can be filled with different ideas and contents as you see fit. Illustrate facts and information, prepare and edit more complex topics and exchange ideas. While our existing feature Pages focuses on the mere production of texts, such as guidelines, protocols or similar, whiteboards are here to give you full flexibility in every phase of your project. Whether you are brainstorming with your colleagues or you want to visualize certain processes and projects – there are no limits to your creativity.

How can I activate whiteboards?

The module Whiteboards can be activated in the corresponding room settings. When creating a new room, the module is activated by default.

Activate Whiteboards
Activate whiteboards via the room settings

Which plans include whiteboards?

Whiteboards are available in the Premium plan as well as in the Enterprise plan. Feel free to contact us if you are a Business customer.

What functions do whiteboards offer?

The toolbar offers various functions for you to design your whiteboard according to your ideas and thereby better display information and processes.

Sticky Notes: Colorful sticky notes are now not only available on your desk, but also in digital form. Use Sticky Notes to structure your contents, highlight certain information or include notes.

Sticky Notes

Texts, images, shapes: Contents like texts and images can be easily included and adjusted via the toolbar. Create flowcharts by inserting shapes and connecting them with each other.


Drawing function: Use the drawing function to add comments, make references to other points or create simple sketches.

Zeichenfunktion Whiteboard

How can whiteboards be used?

Whether creative or complex – there are various possible use cases for whiteboards.

Use mood boards for brainstorming: Especially during creative processes, whiteboards are a reliable tool for brainstorming. Exchange ideas with your team and let your ideas flow when creating mood boards.


Plan your projects with flowcharts: You can also use whiteboards for strategic project planning to create overviews and better map processes. For example, create flowcharts in which you visually depict the sequence of individual steps and decisions. This way, projects can be clearly understood from start to finish.


Build roadmaps for product development: Use roadmaps to keep track of how products or solutions develop over time, what priorities are set and what progress has been made. This way you always stay on top of things and can react quickly to possible changes and adapt procedures in the team accordingly.


Visualize information with concept maps: Presenting research work and information in a clear and structured way can quickly become a challenge. What's the best way to present important information so that everyone can understand it? On a whiteboard, for example, you can use a concept map to present complex content in a logical and comprehensible way.

Concept Map

Create convincing presentations: You want to shine with your ideas in a team meeting or present project plans in a meeting with customers? With whiteboards, you can also create presentations to show your vision in a simple and structured way using Sticky Notes, pictures and diagrams and convince your counterpart.


One thing is certain: Whiteboards will revolutionize team collaboration. It is the place where your team can tackle more complex issues, but also be creative. There are no limits – use whiteboards in the way that works best for you.

What makes Stackfield Whiteboards so special?

Stackfield is the only tool in the world that can display whiteboards with end-to-end encryption. With end-to-end encryption, the data is encrypted during upload and only decrypted again when it reaches the respective recipient. This means that no one, not even us as the platform operator, has access to your content.

Outlook for the future

This is the first version of our whiteboards. We would thus be happy if you could report possible bugs to us, so that we can quickly fix them and develop the feature further. In the future, there will be some additional improvements and enhancements, such as the possibility to work with several people on one whiteboard.

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