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How can I activate or deactivate the modules of a room?

The cooperation of the users within a room can be arranged by different modules (e.g. communication, tasks and documents).

Note: Individual modules may not be available due to the settings of your organization (keyword: "Organization Settings").

With a right click on a room in the sidebar / a left click on the room name or via the "More" button (symbol: "three dots") in a room you can call all essential functions of a room. Select "Modules" to customize the available modules.

room settings
The modules can be configured via the room settings
Activated modules
Green marked modules are activated in this room

Changing the settings of a module

For some modules further settings are available. Click on the "Settings" button beneath a module in order to edit these. For example, it's possible to edit the status or priority settings of the task module.

Use drag and drop to change the order of the parameters

Alternatively, you can also change the name of the modules by clicking on "Rename". For example, the "Communication" module can become the "Chat" module or the "Tasks" module a "Sales" funnel. As a result, the respective rooms can be better adapted to the individual purpose.

The designation of the modules can be changed in each room
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