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How to use the global search on Stackfield

By using the global search, you can easily search all contents available to you (member of the room and corresponding right group) on Stackfield for keywords.

Note: The global search is only available to users with the role Member / Admin / Guest. All user roles can be changed by admins of the organization within the "Organization Settings" (see: User roles within an organization).

Tip: Alternatively, use the module search if you know the location (room) of your search term.


When searching for a specific term, the many results in messages and comments, in particular, make the search result look confusing. For this reason, the global search is divided into searching module contents*, excluding messages and comments, and searching messages and comments (see: Communication module and comment section).

In case no matches were found, you can search encrypted data in an additional step. However, due to the technical circumstances of end-to-end encryption, the search cannot be performed on the server-side as usual. Instead, the data is decrypted on your end device and searched locally. To make the local search as fast as possible, it is performed in blocks of 10,000 entries each. A higher amount of entries would take up too much time.

When entering your search term, note whether words are written as one word or not. Upper and lower case letters do not matter here.

*The title, description, subtasks and their list name, as well as time entries are searched for the search term.

Note: Archived elements (both entries and rooms) are not displayed in the search, however they can be searched separately within the archive.

Access the global search

To access the global search, simply click the magnifying glass symbol / the button "Find anything..." in the upper left corner within the sidebar or press the key combination "Ctrl" + "k" (Windows) / "cmd" + "k" (macOS) / "ctrl" + "k" (macOS). Now, the search pops up as a separate, central element.

Access global search
Click the button "Find anything..." to open the global search

Quick access to rooms

Global search
The global search shows you the most current rooms

Once you have accessed the global search, a text input field ("Search everything..."), a list of the most recent rooms, and a button labeled "Global Rooms" (as long as global rooms exist in your organization) will appear. Click "Global Rooms" to display a list of all global rooms in your organization.

By clicking one of the rooms, you will be redirected to it. In the text input field you can search for specific rooms and users (Direct Messages chats).

Quick navigation:

  • Scroll up and down the list by using the arrow keys, select the room and confirm with Enter.
  • Enter the first letter (or several if there is still more than one match) of the room name in the text input field and confirm with Enter.

Tips: The circles next to the room names indicate the room type. Rooms with notifications that have not been read yet are highlighted in bold and dark and marked with a black dot on the right.

Search contents

To search all module contents (title and description), excluding messages and comments, for a specific term, enter the term in the text input field and click "Search all modules for...".

To search all messages and comments for a specific term, enter the term in the text input field and click "Search all messages for...".

Search all module contents
Search all module contents for a term

Once the search has been confirmed, the first results will be displayed. If the required element is not yet displayed or if too many results are shown, you can type in further letters or words to refine the search. You can filter the results by clicking the small arrow in the upper right corner.

Filter search results
Filter your search results in the dropdown menu in the upper right corner

Should this strategy fail as well, all encrypted contents can be searched additionally.

Search encrypted data
Search encrypted content if necessary
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