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Deleting a room on Stackfield

For effective work organization on Stackfield, it may be necessary to delete rooms from time to time. This may be the case after a project has been completed, for example. This also frees up storage space.

Who can delete a room?

Regardless of the room type, a room can only be deleted by a room admin. If there is no longer a member with admin rights in the room, the rights must first be transferred to one of the members.

If there is only one member in a room and this member is removed from the organization, the room is automatically deleted.

Warning when removing a user
Confirm when removing a user

The notice above shows that the private room "Yoga-Workshop" of the user Steffen will be deleted after confirmation, as he is the only member in the room. The "Tuesday-Meeting" room is still available and the rights of the room admin must be transferred if required.

"Save" information: Export / Move / Archive

When a room is deleted, it is irrevocably removed, unless the recycle bin feature is activated. If content from the room is to be retained and can also be accessed outside of Stackfield, it is advisable to create a backup. The room data can be exported for this purpose. How this works is explained here.
To ensure that content is still available on Stackfield, individual content can also be moved to another room. If the entire room is to be accessed again at any point in time, the room can be archived. The archived content can then be viewed again if required and can be restored if necessary. Alternatively, a room can also be moved to another (paid) organization.

Deleting a room

There are three ways to delete a room:

  • In the room via the More button at the top right (symbol: three dots)
  • Via the room name at the top left of the open room
  • Right-click on the room name in the sidebar

Delete a room via the sidebar
You can delete a room via a right-click on the room's name in the sidebar

To ensure that no room is accidentally deleted, a security question appears before deletion, which also shows the name of the selected room.

Warning when deleting a room
Warning that must be confirmed for deletion
After confirming the security question, the room is irrevocably deleted (Exception: recycle bin is activated). It is no longer accessible and cannot be restored. All members of the room will receive a notification in My Week after the room has been deleted. The room administrator, who deleted the room, is not notified of the deletion of the room.

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Options for admins

On organization level

Deleted entries and rooms can be restored using the recycle bin feature. Admins of an organization can activate the recycle bin in the organization settings in the Settings tab.

On room level

In the room settings, the right groups can be used to define what a user is authorised to edit or delete.

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