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How do I use the time tracking?

Activating the time tracking module

The time tracking must be activated before it can be used. This can be done either directly during the creation process of a new room or later in the settings of the room. The settings of the room can be accessed by clicking on the "Settings" icon next to the modules and selecting "Modules".

Adding new time entries

As soon as the time tracking has been activated within the room, there's a new button for that feature within each task. Simply click on it in order to add the first time entry and to activate the time tracking for a specific task.

For each time entry, there has to be an entry for the quantity of hours spent on the task, when it has been done und who has done the work. It's also possible to add a description for the time entry. In addition, there a switch which enables you to define whether the spent hours are billable or not. That feature is mostly relevant for creating reports and choosing if hours should be added to an invoice or not.

After the first time entry has been saved, the time tracking is added to the task. Hereby new features are available: additional time entries can be added and an estimate for the task can be defined. New time entries are added by clicking on "Add an item". You are able to edit already added time entries by clicking on them.

Creating Reports

The total number of hours of a room can be viewed using the "Reports" function + "Time Tracking". By default, alls hours from all rooms are displayed, but the filter at the top can be used to only show specific time entries. This is done by using the "Edit view" button within the search bar. In addition to the filter possibilities for each room, you are able to select different time spans, dates or billable / non-billable entries.

After the desired settings have been made, you can save a report by clicking on "Print and Export" at the bottom of the page. This opens a tabular view of the displayed / selected time entries and allows an export as PDF, CSV or Excel. Alternatively the view can directly be printed.

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