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How do I use "My Week"?

"My Week" serves as a central point of entry and provides an overview of all upcoming tasks, events and new notifications.


Task Overview

"My Week": Me-View

The upper part displays how many tasks are still to be completed ("All Tasks"), you are currently working on ("Doing"), have been completed by you ("Done"), and how many subtasks are assigned to you ("All Subtasks"). By clicking on a number you are automatically redirected to the "All" feature, where all tasks of the respective category are displayed.

Notification Center

Below the task overview, there's an area for all notifications and upcoming events / tasks. After selecting a day - by default, the current day is selected - a list of received notifications, the upcoming events and tasks, and the overdue tasks will be displayed.

You will receive a notification of subscribed entries, @-mentions and approvals in "My Week", e.g. when:
  • You are assigned a task
  • The assignment of a task to you is canceled
  • Something (such as a file or comment) is added to a subscribed task
  • If you have been added as a subscriber
  • A subscribed task has been completed
  • The due date of a task assigned to you is changed
  • A task assigned to you today is due
  • Your comment, attachment or task completion is marked with "Like"
  • A subscribed task marked with "Like" is marked

Notifications can be marked as read, which means they are no longer displayed in the list of things to do. By clicking on "Read Notifications" on the right side you can display them again.

You can open and edit upcoming events and tasks by clicking on them. If a task is overdue, it will continue to appear in the list on the following days. By clicking on "Edit", the due date can also be modified directly form the list.

My Organization

"My Week": Organization-View

In the "My Organization" tab, users of your organization can be added to get an overview of the number of each person's open tasks. This quickly shows whether the number of open tasks of a person is too and if adjustments are needed.

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