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How do I use "My Week"?

"My Week" serves as a central place that gives an overview of all upcoming tasks, events and new notifications. The daily schedules can be viewed for yourself and / or for other selected members.

Note: Individual functions / contents may not be available due to the settings of the organization or due to your assigned role (see: opportunities for action for admins)!

"My Week": Own Perspective


The view can be opened by clicking on the "My Week" button in the left sidebar.

Note: If you are allowed to use more than one perspective, you may have to switch back to your own perspective (Procedure: Change perspective).


My Week in your own perspective
"My Week" in your own perspective

The upper area shows the processing status of all your (sub-) tasks. That means how many tasks in total are still to be completed ("All Tasks"), are in progress (all tasks with the status "Doing"), are completed (all tasks with the status "Done") and how many subtasks ("Subtasks") have been assigned to you. With a click on the respective number / name you will be automatically forwarded to the function "Reports", in which all tasks of the respective area will be displayed.

Underneath lies a calendar bar, that always shows a whole week. By default, the current day is being displayed. However, you can also select other days or an entire calendar week (CW). Use the arrow buttons or the "calendar" icon to select calendar days from earlier or later time frames.

In the lower area there is a detailed list with filters for the selected time (frame). The list includes upcoming events / tasks / subtasks, files that are locally in work (when using the desktop app), page drafts and other notifications. Note that you will only see these categories if there are notifications. Using the filters (e.g. All and Tasks) on the right side, the list can be further refined so you will only see what you are actually interested about. Single entries can be opened and edited by clicking on them. Overdue tasks will still be displayed within the lists on the following days.

Filter options in My Week
Filter options in "My Week"

Notifications within "My Week"

  • Changes to subscribed / assigned entries
  • @-mentions in messages / comments
  • Approvals for tasks that are triggered by a status Change
  • Invitations to new Events
  • Reminders for upcoming tasks ("Due by") / events ("Start / End") and additionally set reminders for tasks / events and comments
  • Access activation for rooms with encryption

Note: Notifications in "My Week" will only appear when changes are made by someone other than yourself (exception: reminders). Typical cases would be that you have been assigned a task, something (e.g. a file, comment or "Like") is added to a subscribed task, the due date is changed or the task is marked as completed.

Notifications can be opened, replied to or marked as read by clicking on the blue font / blue button. By doing the letter you ensure that the notifications will no longer appear in the list of things to do. However, by clicking on "Read notifications" on the very bottom of the filter list, you can open them again.

Notes in the sidebar

The Sidebar shows a summary of all notes for you - more precisely, the number of all open items. By mouse-over on the respective circle you will find out to which category (event, task or notification) the note belongs.

Notes in the sidebar
Notes in the sidebar

Further Information

Find out what you can do if you don't see the notifications in "My Week" or if you have unnecessary notes without reason, please read this article: "Stay informed with notifications". It also explains how to activate or deactivate external notifications - push notifications on the desktop (browser or app) / mobile app / email.

"My Week": Member View

For teamwork, it can be helpful to have a detailed overview of the tasks and deadlines of the people you are working with. For example, it is easy to see whether the number of open tasks of a person in the team is in a bad ratio and whether there is a need for adjustment.

Note: If this function is available to you, a "More" button (symbol: "Arrow down") is being displayed next to your name in "My Week".


The view can be opened by clicking on the "My Week" button in the left sidebar. You can switch between different perspectives using the user selection. To change the perspective click on the "More" button (symbol: "Arrow down"). The members listed there can either be viewed individually or all together (by selecting "All Members").

Member selection
Member selection

In case your view does not show the person(s) you are looking for, you can extend it by clicking the button "+ Manage Members". This will open the window "Organization Members", where you can add individual members to your selection by checking the box.

Adding organization members to your view
Adding organization members to your view
Note: The selected perspective will remain unless you change it.


My Week within the Member View
"My Week" within the member view

The arrangement is similar to the view from the own perspective of the members, except that notifications are not shown. The list at the bottom is grouped by the selected members and includes upcoming events / tasks / subtasks and files that are locally in work (when using the desktop app).

The processing status of all (sub)tasks can also be viewed individually for each selected member with the button "Show Details".

My Week within the member view details
"My Week" – Member view, task details

Opportunities for action for admins

Extra article

Member view

A user with the role Guest or External does not have access to the member view.

An admin of an organization can also deactivate the member view for Admin and Member within the Organization Settings in the Settings tab.

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