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Activating users for encrypted rooms

Why is it sometimes necessary to activate users for encrypted rooms?

In order to use an encrypted room, the account of each user must be linked to the encryption key of the room/ room password. Usually, the transfer of the keys happens automatically, however, there are three exceptional cases in which a manual activation / transfer of the key is necessary. This is the case if ...

  1. ... a new user has been invited to Stackfield and has been added to an encrypted room, before he / she has created the account. (Without an existing account, it's not possible to transfer the encryption keys.)
  2. ... a user resets the password, as the encryption keys are lost during this process.
  3. ...there is no room member online who can transfer the encryption key after a user joined a Global Room (without participation confirmation).

New users without an account

This message is displayed when a user has no access to a room, and the activation is pending

In case of password reset

After having reset the password, there are different options to decrypt the room

Once an user had access to a room, there are different options to decrypt a room. Besides being reactivated by another participant of the room, it's possible to enter the individual encryption key of the room, which can be displayed within the settings of the room and needs to be saved locally prior to the reset of the password. (This procedure is the only option to decrypt a room if there is no other participant in the room or nobody else has access to it.) Alternatively, the room can be left.

Global Room

Notification - room password transfer
Notification - room password transfer

This notification appears, if there is no room member online who could transfer the room password and if activation by a poom participant is still pending.

How do I activate an user for an encrypted room?

If the activation of an user is required, all other participants of a room will receive notifications, through which the user can be activated

The activation of an user is only possible, if you have access to the room by yourself. All other participants of the room are able to activate an user.

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