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How to manage your login password

You have forgotten your password or your password / username is unknown? No problem! In this article, you will learn how to handle passwords in Stackfield correctly.

Choose a secure password

To make your password as secure as possible, make sure

  • to use one with at least eight characters.
  • to use all available characters, such as upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters (spaces, ?#!+).
  • you choose one that you can remember easily.

  • Use a password manager to keep your password safe. Never leave your password unencrypted on your PC or openly lying around!
  • Enable the two-factor authentication for increased security.

    Note: Starting with the Premium Plan, password policies can be made mandatory for all members of the organization upon request.

    Notification: "Unknown username or password"

    You have entered your password, but the notification "Password or username not recognized" appears? Check whether

    • you used the correct email address, i. e. the one with which you were initially invited to the organization or with which your user account was created.
    • your caps lock key is activated, whether you made a typo or your keyboard is broken by making your password visible.
    • your password is stored correctly in your browser's password management or in your password manager when using an automatic password entry (especially after password changes).*

    If the email address is correct and you no longer know your password, have us reset it.

    *Note: You can find the procedure for changing passwords on your provider's website, e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Apple (Iphone / Ipad).

    Change password

    You can change your password at any time if necessary for security reasons or if a stricter password policy has been established.
    Additionally, if your password has been hacked or you no longer have access to the device* on which you are logged into Stackfield, change your password immediately.

    Simply open the settings of your profile and enter your current and new password. For security reasons you will be logged out on all devices. Log in again with your new password.

    *The two-factor authentication is activated and you can't access your account? Click here to learn how to proceed.

    Forgot your password?

    In case you forget your password, you can easily reset it:

    1. Click on "Forgot your password?" on Stackfield's login page or simply click here.
    2. Enter your current email address in the text input field.*
    3. Read all notes, get any relevant room/chat passwords and then click on "Reset my password".
    4. You will then receive an email from Stackfield with a link to reset your password.

    *Note: If you have not yet been active in Stackfield with this email address,
    i. e. you have not confirmed the invitation sent to you, you need to register before resetting the password. Otherwise the email cannot be delivered. Didn't receive an email invitation? Click here to learn more.

    Link has expired:

    If the link has expired or does not work anymore, reset your password again to get a new link.

    Email not received:

    You did not receive an email (even in your spam folder)? Check with your IT / email provider whether the email ( was delivered delayed, intercepted, or blocked by your email system. Most email servers receive password reset emails in a few minutes, but some take up to 30 minutes or more.

    Feel free to contact our support with your request and your deposited email address. We will then look for a solution or send you the password generation email from another email address.

    After resetting your password:

    Since your password is used to login and decrypt rooms, your rooms have to be unlocked by another user after the reset. See: Activate users for encrypted rooms. Afterwards you have access to the rooms again.

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