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How do I delete my user account?

  • You are the only one who can delete your account!* Since the account will be deleted irrevocably, a verification by password entry is necessary.
  • The deletion of your account is only possible witin the web app / browser, not within the mobile app.
  • To delete your user account, log in to your Stackfield account from a desktop computer (i.e. via the browser or desktop app). Next, open your personal settings by clicking on your name or profile picture in the lower left corner of the sidebar and selecting the option "My Account".

    Now, click the more button (icon: three dots) at the top next to the "Edit your profile" heading and select the option "Delete your account forever?".

    Delete account forever
    Delete account via more button

    A dialog box with a security question will pop up now. To complete the process, enter your login password in the text input field and confirm it by clicking the "Delete account forever" button. However, the content uploaded to the organization will remain afterward, as it is part of the organization's data.

    Security question
    Enter your login password to complete the process

    Why is only the user himself allowed to do the deletion?

    User accounts and organizations are treated separately on Stackfield, as a user can also be a member of multiple organizations with one single account.

    Although organization admins can remove a user from their organization, which means that the user no longer has access to the data, only the user himself can delete the user account.

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