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Activating/ deactivating the two-factor authentication

Activating the two-factor authentication

The two-factor authentication can be activated within the settings (tab: Profile) of your account. By clicking on the switch-button at "Two-Factor Authentication", the activation process will be started. You will be asked to enter your login password.

The following steps are required to activate the two-factor authentication:

  1. To generate the authentication codes, you need to install an authentication app on your mobile device. We recommend to use one of the following applications: Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy or Windows Phone Authenticator.
  2. Open the previously downloaded app and click on the "+"-icon to add a new account, then scan the QR-Code displayed on Stackfield.
  3. After having scanned to QR-code, the app displays a 6-digit code, which needs to be entered on Stackfield. Click on "Verify and activate" in order to finish the activation process.

After the activation process, your backup codes are displayed. It is important to print these codes and to store them safely, because these codes are the only way to access your Stackfield account if you lose access to your mobile device.

How do I login with the two-factor authentication?

The login to Stackfield starts as usual with entering your email address and password. After having entered these values, a second verification step appears, which asks you to enter an authentication code. For that purpose, open the authentication app on your mobile device and select the Stackfield account. The app will display a 6-digit code, which must be entered on Stackfield. Please keep in mind that this code is only valid for a short time and maybe needs to refreshed, depending on the app you use. (Apps like Authy display how long the code is valid.) Click on "Login" once again and now you're securely logged in.

For problems with the authentication code, this article will help you

How do I deactivate the two-factor authentication?

The deactivation of the two-factor authentication also happens within the settings of your account. Just click on switch-button at "Two-Factor Authentication" and confirm the deactivation. You can reactivate the two-factor authentication at any time. It's also possible to change the used authentication app by deactivating/ activating the two-factor authentication as the activation process is carried out each time you activate the two-factor authentication.

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