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How do I export the data of a room?

All data within a room can be exported (depending on the type as PDF, CSV or Excel), in order to access them locally outside of Stackfield. Crucial to the export is what kind of data it actually is.

Export latest activity / communication

Inside of the room there is a "More" button (three dot symbol) in the upper right corner that opens a drop-down menu so you can select the option "Export room data". Open the data export area of the communication

Open the data export area within the communication module

After that you can select what kind of changes of activities (i.e. "what": communication, tasks, etc.) are to be exported and choose "which user" and "what period" should be considered when exporting the data. Clicking on "Export room data" confirms all entries and starts the data export. After that you have the option to save a PDF file in the desired storage location.

Export scope query
Choosig the export scope

Export contents of other modules

If not only the activity but also the content of a module is relevant, you have to open the desired module (e.g. tasks) before starting an export. If required, you can also activate a filter within the grey bar in the upper part of the module view, e.g. if only the information regarding a certain user is relevant. To start the export you only need to use the "More" button (symbol: "three dots" and "More", between "Filter" and "Add task") and select the "Print and Export" option.

Opening the data export area of the tasks
Open the data export area within the task module

First, an overview will appear depicting all elements that are relevant for the export. The content can then be printed or stored as PDF, CSV or Excel.

Export scope
Export scope of the task module

Export of single elements

You can also export individual entries by using the "More" button in the upper right corner of an open element and selecting the "Print" option. This way you can also create a PDF. For example, you are able to export attached comments to specific tasks or the entire text within certain documents. Files can be downloaded collectively ("Download all"-button).

Export single task
Export of single elements (here: task)
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