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How to export data of a room

Depending on the type (PDF, CSV, or Excel) all data of a room can be exported to make it accessible outside of Stackfield. Crucial is what should be exported.

Export communication stream

To export (all) changes to activities from the communication stream, and thus from the room itself, click on the more button (symbol: three dots) in the upper right corner and select the option "Export room data".

Open the data export area within the communication module

Now, you can select what exactly (messages, tasks, etc), from which user, from which time period should be exported. Confirm your selection with a click on "Export room data". The selected data can now be saved to your desired storage location as a PDF.

Export scope query
Choose the export scope

Export contents of other modules

If not only the activities, in general, are relevant but also the content of a particular module, the required module (e. g. tasks) must be selected for export. In order to extract all relevant information, filter the view within the module via the button "Filter". Now, click on the more button next to the blue plus button and select the option "Print and Export".

Access data export area within the tasks module
Open the data export area within the tasks module

Now, all elements of the view selected for export are displayed in an overview. You can save them as a PDV, CSV, or Excel file at the desired storage location or print them directly.

Export scope
Export scope of the task module

Export single elements

Instead of exporting the contents of an entire module, you can also export individual elements. Simply click on the more button at the top right within the opened element and select the option "Print". The print function can be used to create a single PDF of the element. You could, for example, export comments attached to a task or the text of a document. If you want to download all files (attached to a task) collectively click on the button "Download all".

Export single task
Export a single task
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