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Conclusion of the data processing agreement (DPA) according to GDPR

For a GDPR and data protection compliant use of Stackfield, the conclusion of a agreement for commissioned data processing with the Stackfield GmbH is necessary. That agreement only has to be concluded once per company. The person signing the agreement is the one who carries out the subsequent process.

Admins of the organization can conclude the data processing agreement (DPA) right in the settings of the organization. You can access them through a click on your own profile picture in the lower left corner and selecting the option "Organization Settings".

Organization settings
Opening the settings of the organization

Note: Within the Enterprise plan, the contract can be accessed in the umbrella organization.

Within the organization's settings, there is a button next to the "Organization Settings" heading, represented by three dots in a circle containing the "Data Processing Agreement" option.

Access data processing agreement
Opening the area to conclude the agreement

After choosing up the option "Data Processing Agreement", a password prompt will appear asking for verification of the logged in account. After the successful entry of the password, a forwarding into the area for the conclusion of the contract takes place. The agreement is not concluded by entering the password - another step is needed!

Password request
Password request for verification

Subsequently, the area for the conclusion of the contract opens. At the very top the data of the enterprise (Controller) can be entered.

Conclusion of the Data Processing Agreement

Once the text of the contract has been thoroughly studied, you can click on "Agree" at the bottom to conclude the contract. After a successful agreement, the "signed" contract will be made available as a PDF download.

All other administrators of the organization can then also view and download the contract. The conclusion is only possible once per organization. Should changes to the company's data be necessary, our support is always happy to help!

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