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Administration of Organizations within the Enterprise Plan

The "Stackfield Enterprise" plan allows for a centralized administration and a combined accounting of several organizations, i.e. they run on one invoice. For this purpose, all organizations (hereinafter also referred to as sub-organizations) must be assigned to a so-called umbrella organization.

Basis: By clicking on your own profile picture / name in the lower left corner you can select the organization settings or switch between the different organizations.
Organization settings

How do I create an umbrella organization and who can access it?

You will be provided with the umbrella organization automatically when booking the Enterprise Package. You can determine the name of the umbrella organization and who is allowed to manage it yourself. All you have to do is to provide us with the name of the respective person and organization.

Note: The admins of the umbrella organization are not automatically added as admins to the sub-organizations.

How can I add an organization to the Enterprise package?

Step 1: Create a new organization

Note: This step is optional. Of course, you can also add existing organizations that you want do add as sub-organizations to an umbrella organization.

You can create a new organization by clicking the "Plus" icon in the sidebar at the top or the "More" button (icon: "Three dots") within the section Organization Settings.

Create a new organization
Create a new organization (= sub-organization)

Step 2: Copy the Id of the sub-organization

In order to assign an organization to an umbrella organization its Id is required. This Id can be found at the very bottom after opening the tab Settings within the section Organization Settings. By clicking on the symbol next to the Id, you will copy the Id to the clipboard.

Copy the Organization-Id of the sub-organization
Copy the Organization-Id of the sub-organization

Step 3: Add the organization's Id to the umbrella organization

Next, use the "Switch Organizations..." option to switch to the umbrella organization. Within the organization settings you will find the Sub-Organizations tab. Click on the Add Sub-Organization button.Then, paste the organization Id from the clipboard into the field (e.g. with CTRL + V) and save your settings.

Add Organization-Id to the umbrella organization
Add Organization-Id to the umbrella organization

What can I view and manage within an umbrella organization?

Sub-organizations and their members

In the tab Sub-Organizations you can view all organizations that belong to the Enterprise Plan (Procedure: Add organizations to an umbrella organization) and their respective members. In contrast, the Members tab lists all members and their respective organizations. The search allows for quick filtering.

Please note that the user administration does not take place within the umbrella organization, but in the organization settings of the respective organization instead.

Manage settings for all organizations centrally

The settings of the umbrella organization can be activated (Green: Yes) or deactivated (Grey: No) centrally for all organizations in the Settings tab.

If you want settings to be transmitted to all organizations, you can select extensive options within the Settings tab and via the newly appearing tabs Permissions, Modules and Integrations (see the article: Customizing the settings of an organization). Those settings are then valid for all sub-organizations and can only be viewed but not changed within the respective sub-organization.

Transmitting settings to all organizations
Transmitting settings to all organizations

As long as the settings of the umbrella organization are not transmitted, each sub-organization can design the settings itself.

Note: It is not possible to delete an entire sub-organization via the umbrella organization.

Information on the subscription and invoices

The Enterprise Plan involves a collective invoicing via the umbrella organization. All subscription information is stored in the Payment tab. For each user with the role Admin, Member or Guest one license is required. For external users, no license is required in the Enterprise Plan. You can download the invoices you need to your end device by selecting "Download PDF" via Your Invoices. Information on your subscription in the

Information on your subscription in the "Payment" tab

Note: You will no longer find the Payment tab in their organization settings of the sub-organizations.

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