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User roles and rights in an organization

Each user in an organization can be assigned to different user roles and user rights. Through these roles can be regulated who can access the content and features of an organization or who is allowed to edit the settings. The assignment is done via the "Organization Settings" in the tab Members.


User roles on organization level


An administrator manages the settings and user of an organization.


A member can be added to rooms and work in these. In addition, he can use all features of the organization. Your company's; employees or team members are almost always added to Stackfield as members, so they can use all the essential features and see each other.


A guest can be added to rooms and work in these, but has no access to the features of the organization. Recommended when working with external staff or freelancers.


An external person sees in rooms only the manually shared elements and can comment on them. For this reason, this role is suitable for working with customers or freelancers who should support the project, but should not have access to all data. See also "Working with Externals".

Rights of user roles on organization level

Feature External Guest Member Admin
Creating new rooms x x
Seeing a room*, if it hasn't any members (x) (x)
Assignment of individual rights in rooms x x x
Creating new elements (Tasks, Discussions, etc.) x x x
Only seeing explicitly shared elements x
Editing elements (e.g. for tasks: Description, labels, etc.) x x x
Status changes to (assigned) tasks** x x x x
Commenting on elements (including attaching files) x x x x
Using Direct Messages x x x
Starting Direct Messages x x
Viewing room templates x x
Telephony & Screensharing x x x
My Week - Own view x x x x
My Week - Team view x x
Latest activity / room activity (x) x x
Seeing all members of the organization*** x x
Adding members / guests / externals to the organization x x
Managing the users of the organization x
Editing the settings of the organization*** x
Using Global Search x x x
Using global views (Reports) x x
Using archive functions x x
Seeing room groups**** x x
Logo / Name of the organization x x x x
Personal settings x x x x

*In the sidebar only for the room type Global room, otherwise rooms are only visible to members.
**All possible status changes can be viewed within the room settings in the tab Right Groups in the section "Workflow Management for Status". The roles Admin / Member / Guest can perform all status changes by default, unless restrictions have been made by an individual right group in the room. The role External can only use the default statuses "Todo", "Doing" and "For Approval" (and when withdrawn in "ReOpened") for assigned tasks.
***External users see no tab, Members see only the Members tab and Organization Admins see all tabs for the Organization Settings. The Organization Admin, for example, can also see the email address used by the user.
****It doesn' t matter whether the user is a member of a room in the room group or not.

Changing the role of a user

In the settings of the organization a user can be added to an organization. You'll find also an overview of all members and their user roles. By clicking on the current role, you can change the role.

Change user role
The user role can be changed at any time
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