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Moving a room between organizations


Rooms on Stackfield can be moved between organizations by authorized users as long as the target organization is not in the testing phase. I.e. the organization you want to move the room to must be a paid version.

All users who are included with the same user account and the role Admin at the organizational level within both organizations are authorized. The user who wants to move the room has to be a member of it and has to be assigned the right group "Room Admin". It will only be possible to move the room if all these conditions are met. It is not enough to be the admin of the room.


To move a room to another organization, you need to access the room menu (e.g. by clicking the room name in the upper left corner of the opened room).

By mouseover on "Move to Organization", a list of all organizations, into which the room can be moved, appears. Simply click the desired organization to move the room into it, along with its content, members, and their right groups.

Move room into another organization
Room from organization "Musterfirma A" is moved to organization "Musterfirma B"

Tip: Organizations in which you are not an admin on organizational level are displayed in light gray. If you click on one of these organizations, a hint will appear informing you that you cannot move a room to this organization (see: Prerequisites). The organization the room is currently located in is displayed in light gray with a checkmark (here: "Musterfirma A").

What happens after the move?

Once the room has been moved to the new organization, you can continue to use it as usual. All content and members incl. their right groups in the room have been preserved.

People already included in the target organization keep their role on the organizational level. New users in the target organization are assigned the role Guest. If the limit for guests in the organization is already reached, the users are added as deactivated guests.

The assigned role on the organizational level can be changed by an admin of the organization in the organization settings at any time. The right group in the room can be adjusted in the room settings by a Room Admin.

Click here to learn further details.

Note for the role External / Right group "Manually shared"

By default, the role at the organizational level always influences the possible right group(s) within a room. However, moving a room represents an exceptional case. The assigned right groups in a moved room remain contained in all situations, even if they thereby collide with the role on the organizational level.

After changing the assigned right group, and in other rooms of the (target) organization, these constellations are not (no longer) possible.

Constellation 1:

Users with the role Admin / Member / Guest have the right group "Manually shared" (by default only for the role External) in the moved room.

Exceptional case external user constellation 1

Possible explanation:
Bobby had the role External in the original organization. In the target organization, he was not yet included, which is why he was assigned the role Guest there. However, despite his new role as a guest, his old right group "Manually shared" (instead of "Contributor", for example) remained with him.

Constellation 2:

Users with the role External have the right group "Contributor" / "Reader" / an individual right group (by default, only for the roles Admin / Member / Guest) in the moved room.

Exceptional case external user constellation 2

Possible explanation:
Bobby had the role Guest in the original organization. In the target organization, he was included with the role External. However, despite his role as an external, he retained his old right group "Contributor". (Usually, users with the role External are always assigned the right group "Manually shared").

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