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Moving rooms between organizations

Authorized users can transfer a Room between organizations that are not within a trial period. Authorized are those who are an Admin in both organizations at the organization level (it is not sufficient to be a Room Admin)!

Open the menu for editing a data room to move the room. This is done eiter by right-clicking on a room within the room-list or, alternatively, by clicking on the room name / "More" button (symbol: "3 points") inside the room. Then move the cursor over "Move to Organization". That will display all available organizations. Click on the organization you want to move in order to transfer it along with its content, members and right groups.

rooms moved between organizations
Rooms can only be moved between organizations outside the trial period

The users included in a data room will be added as guests to the organization if they are not already a part of it. When the limit for guests in an organization is reached, the user will be added as deactivated guest. The assigned role and/or deactivation can then be adjusted by an Organization Administrator.

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