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Accessing the room / group chat settings as admin of an organization

In a variety of cases, you may find yourself in a situation where the settings and rights of users within a room / group chat need to be adjusted, but no user with the necessary rights is available (e. g. on leave or ill).
For administrators of the organization, it is, therefore, possible to access and adapt the settings of a room / group chat, even if they are not included in the room / group chat.

Note: If an organization admin is not a member of a room / group chat, they cannot add themselves to it for privacy reasons.

How can administrators of an organization access room / group chat settings without being a member of the room / group chat?

Quick Guide:
  1. Access the "Organization Settings".
  2. Open the tab Statistics.
  3. Click on "(Un-)Encrypted Rooms & Group Chats".
  4. Click on "Settings" next to the required room / group chat.
  5. Switch to the tab Members within the room / group chat settings.
  6. Select "Change Right Group".*

It is possible to access the settings of a room / group chat through the settings of the organization at any time. Simply click on your profile picture in the lower left corner and select the option "Organization Settings". Within the tab Statistics a table is displayed through which a list of all created encrypted rooms / group chats (click on "Encrypted Rooms & Group Chats") or unencrypted rooms / group chats (click on "Unencrypted Rooms & Group Chats") can be retrieved.

Table within the tab Statistics
Statistics of the organization

Click on the button "Settings" next to the required room / group chat within the list to view its room / group chat settings. Archived rooms (grayed out and note "(Archived)" next to the room name) are also displayed here and their room settings can be opened.

Access room / group chat settings through the list
Access the settings of an arbitrary room / group chat

Now, you can edit any users / change their rights within the room / group chat settings. However, it is not possible to add new users to a room / group chat this way, unless you are included in the room / group chat with the corresponding admin rights (in which case changing the rights would also be possible directly in the room / group chat).

Edit users and right groups
Edit right groups within the room settings

Note: Admins of the organization manage the teams of the organization and can therefore remove them from the organization or from individual rooms / group chats.

If a member of a team is to be appointed as Admin, enter the name of the user in the search and change the settings accordingly. If there is only one team left in the room / group chat and no other user with admin rights included, proceed in the same way.

Set team member to room admin
Set team member to Admin
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