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Deleting an organization

You can delete your organization within the "Organization Settings". Simply click on your profile picture in the lower left corner and select the option "Organization Settings" to open it.

After clicking the more button (symbol: three dots) next to "Organization Settings" and selecting the option "Delete this Organization", a password query will pop up, asking for consent to delete all data.

Delete organization
Deleting an organization

Warning: If you confirm this query, all data of your organization will be irrevocably deleted and cannot be restored.
In case you are included in more than one organization, make sure you are in the organization you want to delete (below in the deletion note, for example, the organisation "Musterfirma"). You can find out how to switch between different organizations here.

Delete organization query
Dialog box to confirm the deletion process

  • Is all relevant content backed up before deletion?
    If necessary, you can export the desired information in advance or move it to another Stackfield organisation.
    Tip: The statistics provide an overview of all created rooms / group chats so that other admins can also be made aware of them if necessary.
  • Organisations can only be deleted in the web app / browser, not in the mobile app.
  • A sub-organisation can only be deleted via the sub-organisation itself, not via the umbrella organisation.

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