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How do I use the right groups within a room?

The rights within are room are managed by using right groups, which can be assigned to the participants.

Default Right Groups

Following Default Right Groups are available within a room: Room Admin, Contributor and Reader. While an admin can edit all settings of the room, a "Contributor" is only allowed to add content to the room and read all the content. A "Reader", as the name implies, can only read the contents of the room and make no changes.

Right Groups in the room settings

New participants of the room automatically receive the rights of a "Contributor". The assigned Right Group can always be changed by the "Admin".

Custom Right Groups

Creating a new Right Group

Creating a new right group

You are able to create a new Right Group within the settings of the room, tab "Right Groups". Simply use the button "Add Right Group" to create a customizable Right Group.

Settings of a Right Group

For each Custom Right Group, fine-grained settings can be made. Each module can be deactivated or activated for a specific Right Group. In addition, there is the possibility to hide content from modules or to grant read and write rights. There's another feature available for the task module: The " Workflows" feature can be used to define which "Right Group" has to process a task with a certain status or to which person a task has to be assigned after it has been finished.

Settings of a right group

Assigning Right Groups

The rights of a "Right Group" are granted in the tab "Members", either to individual users or to teams by clicking on "Change Right Group". Several Right Groups can be assigned to an user, whereby the rights of the different Right Groups are added up, i.e. no rights are removed by adding assigning additional "Right Groups".

Assigning right groups

In parallel to assigning Right Groups to individual users, the Right Groups of Teams can be changed, too. By assigning a "Right Group" to a "Team", all members of it will receive the same rights. If a person from a Team should receive additional rights, it's possible to add it individually. Afterwards that person can receive additional, individual rights.

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