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How to move / copy / duplicate entries

Note: Individual features might be unavailable / restricted due to your assigned right group (see: Options for admins)!


Entries (e. g., Tasks) can be copied and moved between rooms or they can be duplicated within the same room.
This is either possible with a right-click in the overview or in the communication stream or via the "More" button (icon: three dots) in the opened entry.

Copying a task
Moving / Duplicating / Copying a task via the "More" button

Note: Before performing the move / copying / duplication, check the "Confirm process" window to see whether all desired entries will be transferred or whether another adjustment is necessary. For this case, see: Noteworthy features and differences.

For files / pages / whiteboards the folder structure in the room can be changed by moving an entire folder. This is also possible via Drag & Drop.

Moving a folder
Moving folders via right-click and "Move to ..."
Tip: You can find out which other editing options (e.g. renaming or creating a link) are available to you for folders here.

Noteworthy features and differences

After clicking the option "Copy to ...", a window pops up which lists all rooms that are available to you. If you want to copy the task to the room you are currently in, select the option "Duplicate" instead to skip the room selection. In this case, a copy (without history and comments) in the form of a new entry is created next to the respective entry immediately.
When moving an entry, the list of all rooms is opened as well. After confirming the target room, the entire entry will be moved from the current room to the target room. During this process, the initial creator stays the same, and history and comments will be preserved.

Before performing the move, you can check the "Confirm Process" window to see which information will be transferred to the target room. The fields, e. g., the assignment, in the column of the target room can be edited with a click on the respective field.

Process confirmation during move
Content overview: What is transferred and what is not?

Pay attention (especially when moving between rooms) to the following criteria concerning the structure and the entries to ensure that all contents can be transferred:

  • Are all required modules activated?
  • Were identical labels (meaning, concerning color + name) added?
  • For tasks, are status and custom fields identical (meaning, type, color + name)?
  • For tasks, were relevant dependencies to other entries added?
  • Were all inputs (e. g., timer for time tracking) saved?

For example, when adding file attachments and time entries to a task, the target room requires the following modules: Tasks, Files, and Time Tracking.
If you want to move a file that was attached to another entry, then the file can only be moved after detaching it, as a copy, or with the entire entry.

If necessary, make adjustments, see: Options for admins.

Once the entry was moved to another room, the rights of the new target room apply, meaning, what you will be allowed to do with the entry depends on your assigned right group (-> Editing rights for contents of the room).

After duplicating via the open entry, the copy (= the new entry) is opened directly so that you can continue working in it. With the move/copy function, however, the original entry remains open.

Options for admins

Moving an entry requires the right "Delete" in the assigned right group of the source room, as when moving an entry to another room it will not be available anymore in the source room.

To duplicate / copy an entry or to recreate it in the target room, you need the right to "Add" contents.

Further possibilities

A room template can be copied to (another) Stackfield organization including its contents. Simply open the respective room template, click on the "More" button (icon: three dots) in the upper right, and choose the desired option under "Copy to Organization".

Copy room template
Copy room template via "More" button

Move room to another organization

If you own multiple Stackfield organizations, you can move entire rooms including all their contents between these organizations.
Click here to learn everything about it.

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