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Working with Files in Stackfield

Uploading a File

There are different ways to upload files to Stackfield:

Option 1 - Files Module

The upload within the "Files" module is done either by clicking the "Add File" button in the upper right corner or by simply dropping a file using drag and drop. "Add File" also allows you to select file from extrernal services, like Dropox, Box or Google Drive. Uploaded files are always stored in the currently active, opened folder.

Option 2 - Communication Module

Just as in the file module, uploading a file in the communication module can either be done via a button, in this case at the left of the text input field, or by using drag and drop. The file is always stored in the top level of the file module.

Option 3 - Attached to Tasks, Events etc.

It's possible to attach files to all objects like tasks, discussions or events. That can be done when a object is opened either by clicking on "Add File" and then selecting a source or by dragging and dropping a file on the object.

Option 4 - Adding Files to Comments

In addition to attaching a file, it is also possible to add files to comments. This is possible via the "File" icon within the text input field in the comment area. A file, which was added to a comment, is solely displayed within the comment and not as a attached file, but it can also be found within the "Files" module.

How does the versioning of files work?

Each file can be updated by uploading a new version. Uploading a new version is done by clicking the "Upload new Version" button or by dragging and dropping the file on the preview of the old version. With each new version, there will be added a new comment about the changes so that everyone know which comments have been made for a specific version.

Viewing the old versions / history

The history of a file can be displayed in the preview mode by clicking the "More" button and the subsequent selection of "Show History".

Alternatively, you can click on "Version [x]" in the communication module to open the history.

How can I sort files?

You are able to sort your file within the "Files"-Module by using Drag and Drop. The "New Folder" button allows you to easily create folders, in which you can drag the files into.

How do I comment on files?

The comment section can be displayed in the preview of a file by clicking on the "Comment" icon in the upper right corner. Subsequently, the comment section will open on the right. You can leave comments by typing into the text input field.  

Each upload of a new version will add a comment that mentions the change. Hereby, you can always see which comment refers to which version of the file.


See: Working with labels

Labels can be applied in the opened file by clicking the More button (symbol: "Three dots") or in the overview by clicking the "Labels" column.

Labels in the files overview
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