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Working with Snippets

With Snippets, code fragments can be shared and discussed with the team, right in the correct markup.

(The Snippet module is disabled by default and may need to be activated in the room settings before it can be used. See also: How can I activate a module.)

Creating a new Snippet

Option 1 - Communication-Module

Within the communication module, a snippet can be created via the button with the "arrow" symbol within the text input field for messages.

Option 2 - Snippets-Module

Within the Snippets module, a Snippet can be created using the "Add Snippet" button. Alternatively, a desired text can be entered into the search bar and a new Snippet can be created by pressing the Enter key. The entered text is used as the title.

Working with Snippets

Features of a new Snippet

In the upper left corner, the selection of the required programming language is placed. On the opposite side are the "Labels"- and the "More"-button. Below is one text input field for the title and one for the code of the snippet.

Editing a Snippet

To change a title or code, you can simply click on the text input field at any time, whereby it's activated and can be edited. It is also possible to adjust the programming language and thus also the markdown at any time.

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