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Mentions and questions in messages / comments

In messages and commentents users can be addressed and asked about something directly and specifically. The tagged user then receives a notification (at least for "My Week" and depending on his personal settings in the "Notifications" tab also via desktop app / email / mobile app).

Hint: Alternatively, a Person can also be notified about changes to an item using the "Follower" function. By mentioning someone using the @-mention, he/she is not automatically a follower.


  • Direct address: @-mention
  • Direct question*: @-mention + question mark symbol ("?")

*Hint direct question: It doesn't matter if the question mark was positioned before or after the @-mention.

Differences in mentions
Differences in mentions

Notification in "My Week"

My week: Notification of mentions
My Week: Notification of mentions

In general, @-mentions will end up in the "Notifications" section of "My Week". This includes the simultaneous mentioning of several people at once (also questions to several people, here e.g. @all + "?") as well as direct approaches (here e.g. @Laura). The recipient does not have to react to these notifications, necessarily.

A direct question addressed to one specific user ends up within "My Week" in the "Questions" section of the recipient as he should reply to this special notification. This can be seen quite similar to an approval of tasks where a reaction of the addressed person is required. With a simple click on the notification, the question will open for the recipient to reply. If the issue is resolved, the question can be removed from the list using the Delete option.

How do I answer a question?

It can be answered either in "My Week" via the "Answer" button or in the room via the "Reply" function for the question.

Answering a direct question
Answering a direct question

If there is still an open question to you in an entry and the "Reply"-function is not used, then a query is made. The query clarifies whether the comment should refer to the still open question ("Yes") or whether it is independent of it ("No").

Query, whether the comment refers to the open question or not

Where can I find my read notifications?

Notifications that have been read already and answered/deleted questions will be removed from the list in "My Week" and can be viewed again if required via "Read Notifications".

Read notifications
Read notifications
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