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Where can I view details on a user?

Basics: enter or alter profile information.

Would you like to know how you can contact a user or whether they are online? You can find this and other information by left-clicking on the user's profile picture and in the member administration of the organization / room.

What is visible via the profile picture?

The profile picture can be clicked on in the direct messages, the organization settings and in the room in the "Member list" (profile pictures top right), in the room settings and in the comments area.

Profile details given by clicking on the profile picture
With a left click further profile information can be seen

In this example, Dennis and Steffen are organisation administrators (A next to the profile picture). The availability status shows that Dennis is offline and Steffen is online (gray vs. green dot on the profile picture). You can also see that Dennis works in the IT department and Steffen in Marketing.

The user's role at organisational level is indicated by a capital letter at the top right next to the profile picture clicked on:

  • A = admin
  • M = member
  • G = guest
  • E = external user
  • D = deactivated user
Tip for contacting a user: A user can also be "found" via the search feature (Attention: corresponding rights must be given) in the sidebar (magnifier symbol top right) by searching for the user’s name. Click on the user’s profile under the category "Direct messages" to switch to the chat with the user.

Finding a user profile via the global search function
A user can be "found" by using the global search function

Which details are displayed to whom?

The displayed details depend on the plan of the organization as well as on the user role at organisation level. Rights groups in the room are assigned according to this or can be assigned manually. You can find out more about the connection between organisation and room level here.

Business Plan

In the organization settings Profile details shown in the organization setting in the business plan Further profile information for admins
Admins get more information on users in the organization settings
Note: Users who have the role external or guest do not have access to the organization’s settings.
In a room Profile details shown in a room in the business plan

From the premium plan on

From the premium plan on, users can add additional profile details, which are shown to other users depending on their user role respectively rights in a room. In addition to the user details already listed above, there are the following additional options.

In the organization settings Profile details shown in the organization setting beginning with the premium plan In a room Profile details shown in a room beginning with the premium plan
Recommendation: Stackfield can also be used to manage external contacts, e. g. from customers or suppliers, who aren’t on Stackfield in a simple and clear way. The room template "External contacts" offers an inspiration and is the ideal base for setting up an address book.
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