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Visualizing titles / names using emojis

Emojis within titles
Emojis can be inserted into the title of rooms, group chats and entries

Emojis help clarify the meaning of a text and are fun to use. For more variety and clear, easy-to-read titles, you can add emojis to room / group chat names and the titles of your entries (e.g. tasks or individual views). The emojis are not only displayed in the room / group chat but also in the sidebar and in My Week.

Tip: Emojis can also be used in messages / comments. Additionally, emoji reactions, stickers and gifs are available to you on Stackfield. Click here to learn more.


You can get all the emojis you need from the following website:

As soon as the page opens, a list with numerous emojis appears. To browse through all emojis, simply scroll down (e.g. by pressing the space bar). If you're looking for something specific, you can also jump directly to the desired emoji group (e.g. "People") via the top of the page or search for a keyword (e.g. "Heart") via the magnifying glass icon + Enter.

Use shortcuts / the search to find emojis

Note: The emojis are supported on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and ChromeOS. Depending on the operating system, the appearance of the emojis varies. Unavailable emojis are represented by a black rectangle. In our examples you can see how the emojis are displayed on Windows.

Once you've found an emoji you like, left-double-click on it and copy it to your clipboard using Ctrl + C / Cmd + C. You can also right-click on the emoji after selecting it and click "Copy" in the pop-up menu to copy the emoji.

Copy emoji
Select the emoji and copy it to your clipboard

Afterwards, switch back to the room / group chat / entry on Stackfield with the name you want to add the emoji to and click the corresponding text input field. Now, you can simply paste the emoji into the field with Ctrl + V / Cmd + V. Alternatively, right-click and select the option "Paste". Confirm your selection with the Enter key or by clicking "Save".

Emoji within group chat title
Add the emoji to the title of your group chat, for example

Application tips and examples

You should obviously use emojis that describe the benefit of the room / entry. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Things to know / Guidelines / Instructions: light bulb emoji, book emoji, brain emoji
  • Important / Announcements: exclamation mark emoji, warning sign emoji
  • Funnels / Roadmap: fire emoji, rocket emoji, target emoji, checkered flag emoji, shooting star emoji
  • IT/ Technology / Error messages: bug emoji for bugs, tool emoji, computer emoji
  • Finances / Accounting / Controlling: calculator emoji, credit card emoji, money emoji, chart emoji
  • Customer service / Support / Feedback: crown emoji, people emoji, phone emoji, mailbox emoji, thumbs up emoji, heart emoji
  • Vacation planning / Private: palm tree emoji, sun glasses emoji

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