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Favorites: highlight reports / rooms / entries

The favorites function (Symbol: yellow star) allows you to keep track of everything important and gives you quick access to things relevant to you. You can use the function for rooms, frequently used views in the reports, and individual entries.

Note: Only you can view your favorites. Favored sections are marked with a yellow star, non-favored sections with a gray star. The possibility to use favorites may not be available due to the role (Keyword: Guest / External) assigned to you!

Entire Rooms

Add: By right-clicking the required room in the sidebar and selecting the option "Add to favorites" you can favor the room. Alternatively, you can also favor it in the opened room in the upper left corner by clicking on the star symbol (-> grey star at the beginning).

The favored room can then be identified by a yellow star and appears in the sidebar with a circle symbol (filled in white, colored, or as a ring circle, depending on the room type) at the top of the Favorites list.

Add rooms to favorites
Add rooms to favorites

Remove: To remove favored rooms from the favorites, move the mouse over the respective room name in the Favorites in the sidebar and select "Remove" (Symbol: "X"). Alternatively, you can also remove favored rooms in the opened room by clicking the yellow star.

Remove rooms from favorites
Remove rooms from favorites

Views within the Reports

Add: If you like to mark a specific view in the Reports function as a favorite, click on the gray star in the upper left corner of the view itself next to its name. The view is then added to the favorites in the sidebar displayed by the Reports icon.

Note: Default is a local setting not a saved filter, and can therefore not be marked as a favorite.

Add views to favorites
Add views (reports) to favorites

Remove: Favorites can be removed from the favorites in the sidebar by mousing over the respective entry (Symbol: "X"). Alternatively, favored views can be removed in the view itself by clicking on the star symbol.

Remove views from favorites
Remove views(reports) from favorites

Individual entries rooms / in direct messages

Add: Individual chat messages within the direct messages and entries within the communication module of a room can be added as favorites. This is possible with a right click / mouseover + More button (symbol: "three dots") at the required entry and the selection of "Add to favorites".

Add entries to favorites
Add entries to favorites

You can find saved favorites in the Reports function by clicking the option "Starred Items".

View favorites
View "Starred Items"

Remove: Favored entries and messages can be removed by clicking the yellow star. This can be done either via the Reports function under the option "Favorite entries" or in the room / in the direct messages at the entry itself.

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