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Reports feature: Access overviews and create reports

In the reports section, you can summarize various contents of the organization in overviews and export them if necessary. The reports include cross-room overviews of individual modules (e.g. Tasks), the latest activities in the organization, your personal favored entries, project portfolios, and all archived entries.

  • Individual features / contents may not be available due to the plan of your organization, your assigned role and / or right group.
  • The reports feature can only be used by the roles Admin and Member.
  • You will only be shown content from rooms in which you are included and which have been made visible to you via your right group in the room.

Where can I find the reports section?

You can find the reports in the upper part of the sidebar directly below your dashboard My Week. Clicking on "Reports" will expand a drop-down list including all the features.

Reports within the sidebar
Access all features by clicking "Reports"

Tip: Alternatively, you can access all Reports areas through the global search.

Latest activities of all users of the organization

The section "Latest activity" in the reports displays all the activities of the organization's users that have been performed on Stackfield in the last few days or weeks. This way, you can check what you have missed recently in the form of a log and get a quick overview of the work of your employees / colleagues.

Latest Activity
Latest activities within your organization

Using the filter features (symbol: arrow down) in the upper right corner, you can limit the display of the elements to certain users and/or modules. Here are some tips to make sure you use the filter correctly:

  • With the "Everything" filter, you can map all elements (such as tasks) including comments.
  • The "Chat messages" filter displays all "loose" messages from the communication module.
  • To display only the elements of a specific module, i.e. tasks / snippets / discussions / pages / events, without any comments and attachments, use the filter of the respective module. Events can be mapped using the "Calendar" filter.

Tip: You also have the possibility to view all recent activities in the room. Via the Room Activities, you can display the activities in the entire room and via the zigzag icon in the module, you can view the activities within the corresponding module (available for the modules Discussions, Tasks, Snippets, Pages and Files).

Your personal favored entries

In the communication module as well as in the Direct Messages you can add messages, comments, and individual module elements (e.g. discussions or files) to your favorite entries by clicking the star icon. This way you can easily access important information via quick access.

You can find your favorites in the reports under the option "Starred items". With a click on the entry or the name of the room / chat, the entry or room / chat is opened directly.

Favored entries
Your favorites from your rooms and chats

Project Portfolios: Overview of your project rooms

From the Premium plan (scope of functions), cross-project reports / project portfolios for project rooms are available to you in the reports. These help you to plan and manage your projects centrally and to keep an eye on their progress. You can open the overview via the option "Project Portfolios" in the reports.

Project Portfolios
Project portfolios of the project rooms you are included in

Note: Only rooms with the type "Project" are listed here. Contents from other room types can be viewed individually in the overviews of the modules (see: Cross-room overviews of the individual modules).

Via the More button (symbol: three dots) in the upper right corner you can export or print the overview of the project portfolios.

Cross-room overviews of the individual modules

Views of the following modules are available by default:

In the reports drop-down list in the sidebar, hovering your mouse over a module, e.g. "Tasks", will display a series of filters for the respective module. For each module, predefined standard filters exist, e.g. for tasks: "My Open Tasks", "All Open Tasks" and "All Closed Tasks".

In addition, it is possible to create self-defined views (here: "Own view", defined on report level). These are automatically included in the list that is displayed. The order of the filter options can be changed at any time if desired.

Cross-room views
Saved views of the module "Tasks"

You can open the respective view by clicking it. There, all elements shown can be filtered using the filter feature. Via the More button (symbol: three dots) in the upper right corner, you can then export or print the overview.

View within the reports
View "Tasks": "My Open Tasks"


  • In case any changes have been made to a room, it may be necessary to update / overwrite the view.
  • In the "Rooms" section of the filter (top right) only those rooms are displayed in which the selected module is activated and visible.

Tip: Make frequently used views more accessible by adding them to your favorites. You can then find them in the sidebar in the section Favorites.

Archived entries within the organization

All entries archived in the organization can be viewed and restored in the reports using the button "Archived Items". Use the search to look for specific entries. Use the filter features (icon: arrow down) in the upper right corner to select the type of module elements (e.g. tasks) to be displayed and to limit the overview to specific users.

Archived tasks
View "Archived Items", bzw. hier: "Archived Tasks"

Recycle bin feature

The recycle bin feature, which can be accessed via Reports (last item in the drop-down menu), can be used to restore (accidentally) deleted entries and rooms.

Open the recycle bin
Open the recycle bin via Reports
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