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How do I use the "Reports" function?

The Reports function gives a room-spanning overview of all content you have access to. Of course, you are only able to call up content from rooms in which you are a member and that you have the right to see (regarding your rights group).

Where can I find the "Reports" function?

A click on the "Reports" button in the sidebar opens a drop-down list with various options.

Everything function
"Reports" function

Note: The function may not be available due to your assigned role (e.g. user role in an organization, for "Guest" and "External")!

Latest Activity

By clicking on "Latest Activity" in the workspace you get an overview of what happened last in Stackfield. With the filter options on the top right you can limit the display of findings to certain users and / or modules.

View of the latest activities
"Latest Activity" view

Starred Items

See: Working with favorites

Selecting "Starred Items" opens an overview of all your favorites in the workspace.

View of the favorite entries
"Starred Items" view

You can add information to your favorites either within the "Direct Messages" or within the communication module. To do so, make a right click on the respective message / comment / discussion / document / file and choose the option "Add to Favorites" that is also marked with a star. The same option you'll get by doing a simple mouseover and clicking on the "More" button (symbol: "tree dots") that appears thereafter.

Add items to favorites
Add items to favorites

Project portfolios

The cross-projects reports / project portfolios help you to keep a good overview of all projects.

Project Portfolios
Project Portfolios in the reports

View of individual modules

Available modules in the reports:

When selecting a module, e.g. "Tasks", an extra list of saved filters appears. For each module there are predefined standard filters. In the case of "Tasks" you'll find "My Open Tasks", "All Open Tasks" and "All Closed Tasks". You can also create custom views. After that you'll always see those automatically within the selection (here: "Custom View"). The order of the filter options can also be changed. To find out how to do that, please have a look at: Working with views / filters.

Everything function: Saved views of the task module
"Everything" function: Saved views of the task module

After selecting a filter the respective view will be displayed. Next, this view can be refined even further by using the various additional filter options.

Tasks view: My Open Tasks
"Tasks" view: "My Open Tasks"

Archived Items

By selecting the option Archived Items you can open an overview of all items available to you in the workspace and view and restore individual ones.

Archived items
"Archived Items" view / "Archived Tasks" view
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