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Working with Project Rooms

On Stackfield, there are various room types available to use in different use cases. Check out the following article to read about differences and similarities of the room types and everything else you might want to know about rooms: Working with a room on Stackfield

Project rooms are specially designed rooms for managing projects and helping you optimize your workflows. With the help of a bunch of additional features, like the visualization of specific project details (view within a project) and the usage of project portfolios (view of all projects), you will succeed in planning and executing your projects. Project rooms you are included in are displayed to you in the sidebar with a colored circle (color varies depending on project status).

You can find more information here:

GIF Quick Run Through Project Rooms
Project rooms on Stackfield

  • Use room templates for recurring structures.
  • For large-scale projects, create one project room for general topics and one project room for every subproject. You can then combine them with a room group.
  • Assign thematically related projects/room groups with a common abbreviation (e.g., identification number, abbreviation/acronym, and/or symbol). For room groups, you can additionally change the color of the folder icon.
  • The order of rooms/projects and room groups in the sidebar follows alphabetical sorting and can be influenced by the choice of names. For example, place the common abbreviation at the beginning of the name to have the corresponding rooms displayed one after the other.

Within the project portfolios, new project rooms can be created using the blue plus button, with the room type "Project" preselected.

To view individual activities from your project separately, such as tasks, click on the respective module within the room or in the reports, and open the desired view or entries as needed.

Reading tip: In our blog, you can find articles on project management (Category: Productivity) and more.

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