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Adding users to a data room

In order to add an user to a data space, he must be added to the organization firstly.

Adding users to an organization

A new user can be added to an organization through the settings of the organization.

Open the organization settings by selecting "Organiziaton Settings..."

Right after selecting the organization settings, the existing members of the organization are listed. By clicking on "Invite New Member" you can choose between different user roles for new users. There are three different user roles: Administrator, Member and Guest. While an administrator can change all the settings of the organization and use all features, a member may only use the functions of the organization and start new direct messages. A guest on the other hand has only access to the data rooms, to which he was added. All other features of an organization, such as the dashboard or default rooms, are not available for guests.

Each user is added with a specific user role to an organization

Existing users can be found on Stackfield via the search function. If a user has not yet created an account, it is possible to send an invitation directly to the required email address. Once the invited user has accepted the invitation, he or she will be added to the organization.

Add users in bulk for a quick data import

Adding users to a data room

Any user of an organization can be added to a data room by an authorized member.

Add a new user by clicking on the plus icon

There are different ways to add a user to a data room. Within a data room, you can click on the plus icon in the upper right corner in order to add a new user.

A click on the settings icon reveals more options

Alternatively, you can open the room settings in order to manage the members of the data room. Simply click on the settings icon besides the room name and select "Room Settings". Afterwards switch to the tab "Members" and you will be displayed the same menu as if you would have clicked on the plus icon in the upper right corner.

List of current room members

It's possible to filter the member list by entering a name into the search bar above the list. Use this feature if you need to search for an user in a room with a large number of members. Click on the "Add Member" button in order to add a new member.

Only members and guests of the organization can be added to a room

The list contains all members and guests of the organization. These can be added by clicking on "Add" besides of the name.

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