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Create and working with Events

Creating a new Event

Option 1 - Communication Module

Click on the button next to the text input field within the communication module to display the menu with the available options. In this menu, select "Event". Hereby a new dialog box will be openend, in which you can make all the individual settings of the Event.

Click on the button next to the text input field to create a new Event

Option 2 - Calendar Module

Within the calendar module, new Events can be created either by clicking the "+" button in the upper right corner or directly within the calendar with a left-click on a day.

Left clicking on a day creates a new Event, right clicking a new Task

Working with Events

Settings of an Event

The following fields are available for the settings of an Event:

  • Title
  • Agenda
  • Location
  • Start: Date + Time
  • End: Date + Time
  • Reminder
  • Recurring
  • Attendees
  • Your Response

Only a title and a period must be specified to create a new Event. All further settings can be made optionally.

When you enter a location, suggestions are automatically displayed, which can be selected using the arrow keys or the cursor. By selecting a suggestion, the location is displayed on a map within the Event after it has been saved.

Invited attendees will receive a notification and can accept or decline the appointment. Clicking on "Going", "Pending" or "Declined" will display a list of the regarding users.

Settings of the calendar

Events can be created in the calendar by a simple left-click on the required day / time, tasks via a right click. The calendar within a room also offers the possibility to edit dates and the due dates of tasks by using drag and drop.

On the following page you will find out how Stackfield's calendar can be integrated into other calendars: https://www.stackfield.com/help/calendar-subscription-2000

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