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How do I work with people outside my company?

In Stackfield, you can collaborate not only with people within your company, but also with third parties, such as freelancers or customers.

Email participants in events

To coordinate events, you can also add people who are not members of your organization in Stackfield and / or do not have a Stackfield account as email participants for free and unlimited. This can also be combined with the planning and holding of a conference.

See details: Working with email participants in events

Conference participants

Starting with the Premium plan, conferences can also be organized with users outside your company. No additional licenses are required for this. To send an automated invitation, use the email participant function stated above. During the call, the participants also have access to the chat there.

See details: The telephony feature: Audio / Video / Screensharing

Public links for files

Individual files can also be shared "publicly" (at no additional cost), meaning that people without their own Stackfield account or access to a room can view the file using the link via the browser. If the file originates from a room with enabled end-to-end encryption, a password for decryption must also be provided and entered when accessing it.

See details: Sharing files publicly through a link

File emails in Stackfield

Incoming emails that come from users without a Stackfield account or without access to your Stackfield organization can be forwarded / attached to the desired location in Stackfield for further processing. For example, they can be automatically turned into tasks, discussions, or chat messages and edited in a central location.

See details: Activating and applying the email integration

Include people as Guests or Externals

If there is a frequent or regular exchange of (a lot of) information, it is recommended to include people in Stackfield with the roles of Guest or External. it is advisable to integrate the people in Stackfield with the roles Guest or External. Released information then no longer needs to be sent additionally, e.g. by email, but can always be viewed directly via Stackfield with its current status without further intervention.
Users must register for this (= create a user account), as this controls access to the content. There are no additional costs for the invited user. With the booked license package of the organization, the role Guest (intensive collaboration) requires a license, the role External (limited rights) requires only half a license in the Business plan and from the Premium plan on no license at all (usable free of charge). If the level of collaboration changes, the assigned role can also be changed. If the collaboration is paused or terminated, the user can be deactivated / deleted and the license can be used again elsewhere.

See details:

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