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Working with room templates

When creating rooms and having processes or projects with similiar workflows or structures, room templates can be a good basis. Through these templates tasks, files or other posts can be created and easily applied to multiple similiar projects.

Note: Room templates are only visible for authorized users with the role Member / Admin and usable when creating a room. Only members of a room template with the respective rights can access end edit them beforehand.

How to create a room template

To create a room template, click on the button "+ Create New" at the top of the sidebar and select the option "New Room Template...".*

Creating a room template
Create a room template via the sidebar

Now, you can assign a name to the template and activate an encryption, if required. The encryption is only valid for the room template itself, not for rooms based on the template. Finally, click on the button "Create New Room Template" to complete the process.

Define a name and activate / deactivate the encryption
Define a name and activate / deactivate the encryption

*Tip: You can also create a room template through the global search.

Note: As the admin of an encrypted room template, make sure to keep the password (within the "Room Settings") accessible at all times.

Where to find already created room templates

Already created room templates can be viewed by clicking the small arrow next to "Rooms" in the sidebar and selecting the option "Room Templates" or directly through the global search.

Access room templates
Access room templates via small arrow

Now, a list, containing all existing room templates, opens, which can also be searched if required. Only members of a room template can view the template and, given the appropriate right groups, edit it. Templates available to you are highlighted in black. If the template is grayed out, you do not have the appropriate rights. Each template can be used by everyone when creating a room.

List of room templates
List of all room templates

How to edit a room template

After creating the room template / selecting the existing template, it will be displayed directly. Within this template, all required changes, such as creating tasks or uploading files, can now be made. It is also possible to add all users and individual right groups that should be included in the room by default.
Only a member of the room with the appropriate rights can edit a template. (For non-authorized users, the room template is grayed out). It is not necessary to save the template separately.

A template can be opened and edited through the dashboard
A template can be edited afterwards

How to apply a room template

Notes: Users with the role Member may be required to use room templates (see: Options for admins)!

To use a room template, click on the plus icon next to "Rooms" within the sidebar and select the option "New room...". Now, a dialog window opens and you can assign a name as usual and select the end-to-end-encryption if necessary. Via the button "Pick a template..." you can now select the required template from a drop-down menu. Afterward, other room settings such as the room type can be defined. Finally, click on "Create New Room" to confirm your selection and create a room that contains all elements and users of the room template.

Choose the needed template while creating a room
Choose the required template while creating a room

How to delete a room template

To delete a room template, simply access it (see: Where to find already created room templates) and click on its name in the upper left corner. Now, select the option "Delete Room template..." within the dropdown menu and enter "OK" within the query window to delete the template irrevocably.

Delete room template irrevocably
Delete room template irrevocably

Options for admins

Within the organization settings an admin of the organization can determine which users, more precisely which user roles, are allowed to create room templates and whether users with the role Member must use room templates when creating a new room.

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