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Working with Views / Filters

What options are available for self-defined views?


The "Display" option allows you to select whether the elements of the module are displayed in a card or list view. In both display versions, you can edit elements by using drag and drop and right-clicks.

If the list view is selected, the option "Own Columns" can be activated. This can be used to select the information and columns to be displayed. This function is relevant for printing and exporting data of modules, since only the elements of the selected view/ filter are exported.

Group By

Depending on the used module or overview, the option "Group By" might be available. For example, in the card view of tasks, the grouping defines the names of the columns, which can be created by status or due date.

Sort By

The sorting determines the order of the displayed elements. A wide range of possibilities is available here. For example, if "Due To" is selected, an arrow is displayed next to the "Due To" designation. This shows the sorting order according to the "Due to" parameter. If the sequence is to be reversed, the same selection must be made again, whereby the arrow reverses.

With the selection of "Custom", the sorting of the entries can be defined individually by using drag and drop.


By filtering by status, you can define that only elements with the chosen status are displayed.


You can also select to display only items assigned to a specific person.


Filtering by the due date can be selected from predefined options or an individual period can be set ("date").


The "Labels" parameter is only displayed if at least one label is assigned to an element of the module. Thus it is possible that this function is not directly available when opening the filter options. As soon as a label has been assigned, the "Labels" option appears in the filter area.

Following options are available after a click on "Show more options"!

Created By

In addition to the already mentioned possibility to filter by the assigned person, it is also possible to filter by the person who created the elements.


At the same time, you can also filter by the creation date.

Modified By

The "Modified by" parameter allows you to select only items that were edited by a certain person.


By selecting a date, you can filter for elements that have been edited at a certain time.

How do I create a new View?

After all required parameters have been selected, the view can be saved via the "Save" button. Two options are available: On the one hand, the filter can be saved as a new view (option "Save as ..."); on the other hand, an existing filter can be overwritten (option: "Save"). It is not possible to override predefined views.

If a view is saved as a "Public View", it is available to all participants in the room or the organization, depending on where the view is created.

How do I use predefined and saved views?

Click on "Edit filter" to open the right sidebar where the "Saved Views" option is available. The pre-defined and self-defined views can be called and selected using the drop-down menu.

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