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(De)Subscribing to entries

To stay up to date with entries (e.g. tasks), use the function "follow" / "subscribe". Followers will be notified about changes in the entry in My Week and will thus always be kept up to date with the latest information.

Follow / unfollow entries

You can add / remove other users or yourself as follower(s) to / from elements by selecting the option "Follower" (appears as No followers / You are a follower / You and x other followers / X followers) via the More button (Symbol: "Three dots") in the upper right corner of an open entry. By clicking on the required person(s) they can be added or removed. Subscribers are highlighted in blue in the list and marked with a checkmark.

Add / remove followers

In which cases do I or others automatically become a follower?

The creator* of an entry automatically becomes a subscriber of their entry, as well as users assigned to tasks or participants in an event. With @-mentions, however, the persons mentioned do not automatically become subscribers.

*Note: As the creator of an event you will always receive notifications in My Week about changes to the event.

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