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How do I use the search?

The global search can be opened by clicking on the "magnifying glass" icon in the upper left corner or by using the shortcut "cmd" + "k" (Windows / macOS) / "ctrl" + "k" (macOS). The search will be opened as independent, central element.

Additional features of the Search

The open search initially shows the rooms in which activities have recently taken place. Hereby it's possible to quickly change between the rooms by using the arrow keys and pressing "Enter" key. The quick change of rooms can also be realized by entering the first letters of a room name and pressing the "Enter" key.

In addition to the most recently active rooms used, a menu item for opening the room templates is also displayed in the search window.

How to search content on Stackfield

After entering the search term you have to choose the type of entries to search for. You can choose between the options "Search everything" and "Search all messages". The former option searches all content from all modules, except for messages and comments, which can be searched through the "Search all messages" option. The selection of the desired search range can be made by using the arrow keys and the start of the search by pressing the "Enter" key.

Once the search has been confirmed, the first results are displayed directly. By typing in more letters and words, the search can be refined. If no or the desired element is not found in this first search attempt, the encrypted rooms can also be searched in a second step.

Searching the encrypted entries is done in blocks of 10,000 entries each, since this search takes place locally and would otherwise take too long with a high number of entries.

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