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Where can I find the invoices concerning my Stackfield subscription?

General contract information

By opening the settings of the organization, e.g. by clicking on their own profile picture in the lower-left corner and then selecting "Organization Settings", admins of the organization can view and change all information about the subscription in the Payment tab. This includes invoices issued to date.

Organization Settings / Payment
Information about the subscription in the "Payment" tab.

Note concerning the "Enterprise" plan: The tab Payment is only available within the umbrella organization and can be accessed by admins of the umbrella organization. Click here to learn more about the administration within the "Enterprise" plan.

View and download invoices

A click on "Your Invoices" opens a list of all processes and changes regarding your subscription, including all issued invoices.

By selecting "Download PDF", the respective invoice will be downloaded to your device.

Your invoices
Overview of your invoices

Add further email recipients

By default, all invoices are emailed to the admin who has deposited the payment information in the organization.

The plus button can also be used to add additional email recipients (confirmation via Enter), e.g. the accounting department.

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