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Stackfield's Enterprise Features

The "Enterprise" plan includes all functions listed in the "Business" and "Premium" plan plus further features that will be listed below! If you have any questions about the functions or the implementation, simply contact our support.

Unlimted Organisations

You can set up several organizations (e.g. for different business locations) and manage them centrally via an umbrella organization. For all those sub-organizations there is only one invoice and for each user, there is only one license to be charged (except for the role External which is free of charge completely), even if they are part of several organizations.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-on (SSO) allows a user to access all authorized devices and services - in this case also Stackfield - after a one-time authentication at a workplace without having to log in there additionally. Microsoft uses an Active Directory (AD / AD DS) to manage the various objects (e.g. users, groups, devices, and services). Stackfield can be connected to an AD /AD DS or other services via a SAML interface.

Provisioning over API

In the Enterprise plan, you can change the settings of the room and the organization using the API. Examples: Adding / removing / deactivating users for the organization or creating / archiving a room.

Global Export

You can download an access and history log for an individual organization or the umbrella organization. To do so, use the organization settings* and the "More" button (symbol: "Three dots").

Download Access Logs / History Logs

The access log lists the users (incl. email address) with the date and time they logged in to the organization. The history log documents all changes to the organization settings (including user management such as adding users), including the user that made those changes, as well as the date and time they were made.

*Note: With a click on the own profile picture / name in the lower-left corner you can open the Organization Settings.

Note: Individual users can view the access log for their own account.

Custom Modules

Customized modules can be requested. In addition to the modules already available, an extra tab will then provide a separate fields module (similar to the task module), which can be used to display stock lists, for example. Feel free to contact our support for further information.

Note: Entries created in customized modules are not displayed in the calendar and in My Week.

Custom email texts for invitations

The standard email invitation shows the Stackfield logo and a short description of Stackfield (-> "What is Stackfield?"), as well as the name of the user who added the new member, the new user's role, and the organization to which the user has been assigned.

Also, you can add customized texts, such as a personal greeting, information on your company, and guidelines. All you need to do is provide us with the content you would like to add.

Compliance confirmation by users

Terms of use can be stored within a user's onboarding process. Only after agreeing to these terms of use the user will be able to access the content of the organization in Stackfield.

Accept terms of use
Accept terms of use

Personal account manager

A key account manager is available to assist the administrators of the umbrella organization with any questions or requests.

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