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Ways of Communication

Ways of Communication

Key to an efficient collaboration is a well-directed, coherent, easily comprehensible, and immediate exchange of communication. Therefore, Stackfield offers different ways of digital communication for every occasion, while meeting the security requirements.

Tip: With the help of (customizable) notifications you will be kept up to date on changes to relevant content.

Chat / Comments

You can exchange written messages on a specific workspace/topic in so-called rooms or separately in your direct messages. A message can either be an individual entry or a comment on an existing entry (e.g. a task).
Thereby numerous design options are available, such as the reply function, emoji reactions, formatting, or mentions.

Written communication
Written communication

Note: Store important content primarily in rooms. There they can be saved in a more structured manner and are easier to find. In addition, member changes (adding/removing users) are possible without any problems and data can be exported for backup or documentation.

Click here to learn more about the communication module / comment sections in rooms.


Chats offer a great way to quickly exchange brief information, however, it can quickly become confusing when dealing with lengthy topics. Discussions are therefore useful for bundling important topics and agreements to be able to access them at any time and deal with them separately and parallelly.

Bundle topics with the help of discussions

Click here to learn more about discussions.


Some topics are better discussed in person than in written correspondence. For this purpose, audio and video telephony are available on Stackfield. If required, you can also start a screen transmission in the course of a call to share content directly with the team.

Telephony functions
Communicating using the telephony functions

Click here to learn more about the telephony features.


Emails exchanged with external people outside your company can be stored automatically in the relevant place with the help of our email integration.

Email integration
Email content saved as a task

Click here to learn more about email integration.

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