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Using Stackfield on your own server

Christopher DiesingChristopher Diesing 2 min read
Data protection and data security are under the most important issues of medium and large companies, which is why we receive numerous requests if there’s a self hosted version of Stackfield each day. Although the use of Stackfield and the storage of sensitive data is legally possible due to meeting all data protection regulations and the end-to-end encryption, however, some companies have certain regulations in place, which often require that data may only be stored on their own servers.

To enable these company to use Stackfield on their own servers, we are pleased to announce that Stackfield is now also available as an on-premise version!

What exactly does this mean?

As on-premise version, Stackfield can be installed and hosted on your own server. Hereby, all data and traffic are routed through these systems, which in turn means that no data is passed on to third parties.

Cloud vs. Self-Hosted

The advantages and disadvantages of the respective versions are highly dependent on the infrastructure of the company, which wants to use Stackfield. If there are already in-house servers and at the same time a team, which can realise the technical environment for the use of a tool on their own servers, Stackfield can be used without any problems! Stackfield could hereby also be used as encryption tool. At the same time, however, cloud and server management also require a lot of effort to ensure data security. Especially for smaller companies, it makes sense to use Stackfield in the cloud.

How much does the use of the on-premise version cost?

Similar to the cloud version, prices are related to the number of users who are going to use Stackfield. The following table shows the costs for the one-premise version:

Package Licenses Price
Starter 10 799 €
Business 30 1499 €
Team 100 2999 €
Enterprise >100 On request

These prices include updates and basic support for one year. These services can then be purchased annually for 25% of the original costs.

Additional information can be found on the following page: https://www.stackfield.com/pricing-onpremise

What services can I book additionally?

In addition to the software itself, we also provide, in cooperation with our partners, assistance with the installation, adaptation and maintenance of Stackfield. We also offer individual webinars and support packages!


If you are interested in purchasing the on-premise version of Stackfield, please do not hesitate to call 089 215 5058 - 40 or to send an email to sales@stackfield.com!

Almost finished...Please click the link in the email and confirm your email adress to complete the subscription process.
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