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Problems with the Two-Factor Authentication

The generated code is not accepted

As the two-factor authentication uses time-dependent codes, it is necessary that the time of your mobile device is set correctly. There are two different ways to solve this problem:

  • Set the time of your mobile device to "automatic date and time"
  • Use the feature "synchronize time" of your authentication app. (This feature is not supported by all apps)

If no valid code can be generated, you can use the recovery codes to login. Afterwards you will be able to disable the two-factor authentication. While re-activating the two-factor authentication, you can use a new app for generating the codes.

Loss of the mobile device or loss of access

By losing access to your mobile device or by losing the device itself, you are required to login by using the recovery codes. These codes can be equally used as the codes generated by the apps.

IMPORTANT: If you lose the access to your mobile device or if there are problems with the codes of the authentication app, the recovery codes, which have been created while activating the two-factor authentication, are the only way to access your accounts! Save and / or print the recovery codes multiple times and keep them safe! Don't transmit the codes unencrypted, because they can be used to access your account!

For questions or problems, you can contact our support team via live chat directly on Stackfield or via email (support@stackfield.com)!

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