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Direct Messages: Group Chat

When do I use a "Group Chat"?

If you want to start a chat conversation with more than one person, the room-specific team chat is not the only option and not always the option that fits best. A conversation has neither to do with a specific room nor does it concern everyone or only those being members of a certain room? In that case, the team chat doesn't suit the purpose of your chat conversation.

A group chat within the direct messages might be a better solution. There you can add any member of the organization and communicate room-independently and simultaneously with several people.

Tip: Clarify with your Team, when to use this option and in what cases you should better use the chat within a certain "Room".

Proceed: How to start a "Group Chat"

The "Direct Messages" button is located within the left sidebar. It will lead you to the communication channel showing previous conversations and the option to start new ones. the previous conversations and the option to start a new one.

To start a group chat, proceed as follows: Direct Messages: Group Chat

Direct Messages: Group Chat
  1. Click on the plus icon next to the Titel "Direct Messages" to open the drop-down menu
  2. Choose "New Group Chat"
  3. Choose a name for you group in the mask "Create New Group Chat" that follows and click "Next" to continue
  4. After that you'll be able to add new members by entering their names or e-Mail addresses
  5. You can also use the "Browse" field so get an overview of all organization members and simply select.
  6. Confirm your entries with "Create New Group Chat" and you're done.
Create new group chat
Mask "Create New Group Chat"

Now you can start you're conversation by typing your first message into the input field and sending it with Enter / "Send"-Button

"Group Chat" functions

Group chat representation (incl. functions)
Newly created Group Chat

In addition to the possibility to exchange files and messages (as with the other "direct messages"), the following options are available for the group chats:

  • Settings (similar to a room): Name, description, password*, member administration
  • Leave / delete / mute group chat

Those setting options can be accessed by clicking on the "More"-button (symbol: three dots) within an open group chat or within the "Direct Messages" overview using a right mouse click on the group chat.

Please note: Only a "Group Admin" can change the settings of the group chat or delete it!

*Note for group chat password: There is only one password if the "Direct Messages" are encrypted. The encryption is determined by an admin of the organization within the "Permissions" section in the "Organization Settings". See also: Tips for organization admins.

"Group Chat" settings

Within an open group chat, the settings can also be called directly with a click on the name.

Within the first section "General" you can add/change a description and the group chat name. Here you will also find the group chat password (the counterpart to the room password) if there is any. The admin of the group chat should keep this password accessible but safe at all times, i.e. outside the encrypted chat.

Group Chat Settings, General
Group Chat Settings: General

The other section "Members" is where you can manage all chat participants (which role / remove from group chat) and add new members. There are only two roles you can assign to members: "Member" or "Group Admin". However, as already mentioned only a "Group Admin" can make changes to the settings (i.e. invite members as well) or delete the chat.

You can also access the "Members" section by clicking on the plus symbol within the chat itself.

Group Chat Settings, Members
Group Chat Settings: Members
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