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Direct Messages: Chat, Calls and Screen Sharing


Features within the "Direct Messages"

In Stackfield there are different ways to communicate. Within the space of the "Direct Messages" communication can take place across all rooms. You have the following options:

  • Chat messages between two or more people (Group Chat)
  • Audio-call
  • Video-call
  • Screen sharing

Number of direct messages in the sidebar

To prevent the Direct Message view in the sidebar from becoming too extensive, it can be individually limited to 3, 5, 10 or 20 chats in the user settings. To do so, go to "My Account" and find the option "Maximum number of direct messages displayed" in the "Profile" tab. New direct messages will not be missed, they are always displayed.

Number of direct messages in the sidebar
Number of direct messages in the sidebar


The availability of the functions may vary depending on the 'environment' (see e.g. Desktop Apps and Mobile Apps) and the assigned roles.

Note: An "External" user is not able to use the "Direct Messages", "Guests" can participate at a conversation within the "Direct Messages" but not start it on their own. (see also: user roles of an organization).
Functions Browser Desktop App Mobile App
Direct Messages x x x
Audio-call x x
Video-call x x
Screensharing* x x

*Note: Screensharing is currently only supported if both users are using the same browser (e.g. Firefox - Firefox or Chrome - Chrome) or if one of them is using desktop app (desktop app - desktop app or desktop app - Chrome). If you can't start the screensharing, have a brief talk to the user you want to connect with and switch to the same browser type or to the desktop app.


By using the audio and video telephony, the communication takes place peer-to-peer (i.e. from device to device) without leading it to our servers. All the same, the calls are end-to-end encrypted to protect the transfer.

Proceed: How to start a conversation

A separate listing in the sidebar was also given to the "Direct Messages". Adding new direct messages is done in the same way as for the rooms, either by using the "Plus" button or automatically as soon as a new message pops up. If the chat is located in the sidebar, it can now be accessed with a single click on the name. Also, by mouse overing individual chats, a small "x" symbol appears, which can be used to easily remove chats from the view.

Direct messages
"Direct Messages"

Direct Messages: Chat

This is how you create a new direct message:

  1. Open "Direct Messages" via "Plus"-Icon
  2. Select the user you want to chat with from the list - you can also use the search function
  3. Enter a message to the text input field
  4. Send with Enter / "Send"-Button
Start direct messages
Start "Direct Messages"


To discuss things with a user personally, you can start a audio- or video-call between two people in Stackfield.

  1. Open "Direct Messages"
  2. Select a user (via the search field or the "Plus" icon)
  3. Click on the "Phone" icon within the open conversation (right next to the name of the conversation partner)
  4. The call starts immediately and the other user receives a pop-up notification of the incoming call
  5. If necessary use the "Camera" icon to start a video call* (while connecting or at any time later) and double-click to enlarge the view

As soon as the call starts, a window opens showing the connection attempt.

Connecting a audio- or video-call
Connecting a audio- or video-call

Given that the call partner accepts the call (symbol: green headset), the display changes to a smaller window and the editing of content on Stackfield is possible again. The window of the active call is located in the upper right corner by default. Though, it can be dragged and dropped anywhere in the Stackfield window.

If the contacted person is not available or doesn't answer the call (red headset icon), the connection attempt will be interrupted automatically.

Additional information about the accepted / missed call (date / time and if accepted the call duration) will appear within the message history of the "Direct Messages".

Information about audio- or video-call
Information about audio- or video-call

You can end the call by clicking on the red "hang up" button.

*Note on the video-call option: You can switch to a video call only if a camera is connected to the terminal device. As soon as the video function has been activated, the display changes to a slightly larger window in which both the own image transmission and that of the person being called is shown - provided that the call partner has also activated the video function.

Screensharing via Stackfield

You are also able to share your screen during a call. This way the other person can can actually see what you are talking about.

  1. Open "Direct Messages"
  2. Select user (via the search field or the "Plus" icon)
  3. Click on the "phone" icon in the open conversation (right next to the user's name)
  4. A call starts immediately and the other user receives a pop-up notification about the incoming call
  5. You can activate screensharing* with the "two screens" icon and enlarge the view with a double-click
*Note on screensharing: See also availability. If screensharing is feasible, only one of the participants at a time can share the screen.
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